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My Hero Academia Season 3

Saturdays at 5:30am ET

He was born powerless in a super-powered world. But Izuku refuses to give up on his heroic dreams and enrolls in a prestigious hero academy.

Black Clover

Sundays at 4:00pm ET

In a world where magic is everything, the next Wizard King could be a boy without power.

Tokyo Ghoul:re

Tuesdays at 11:00am ET

Two years after the raid on Anteiku, the CCG selects young Haise Sasaki to lead an unruly team of humans infused with ghoul powers.

Steins;Gate 0

Mondays at 4:00pm ET

A divergent continuation of the original Steins;Gate ending, Steins;Gate 0 explores an alternate worldline where Okabe abandons time travel. While attempting to forget past traumas and get his life back on track, he meets an AI that re-opens old wounds.

High School DxD Hero

Tuesdays at 4:00pm ET

Season four of the High School DxD series! A war between heaven and hell is raging on Earth, and hormones are raging in Issei’s pants. Enter curvy Rias, a devilish class leader.

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

Sundays at 4:00pm ET

Kaname’s a popular girl at her high school, but it’s her popularity off campus that’s the problem. Unbeknownst to Kaname, terrorists are plotting her abduction, believing she possesses the abilities of the "Whispered.” That’s where Sousuke enters the picture. He’s a soldier from Mithril, a secret counter-terrorist unit—and he’s going undercover at Kaname’s school to try and keep her safe.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

Wednesdays at 4:00pm ET

The power of Clow is back with a new adventure for Cardcaptor Sakura! Mysterious blank cards and new magic await the guardian—is she ready?

Golden Kamuy

Mondays at 4:00pm ET

Searching for gold is tough work, and after war veteran Sugimoto stumbles across part of a treasure map, things get deadly.

Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls

Saturdays at 4:00pm ET

Only ten years have passed since the battle between clans. Poised to fight once more, a new generation now stands at the forefront.


Thursdays at 4:00pm ET

When fallen FranXX prodigy Hiro meets Zero Two, the girl with the horns, everything changes.

Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202

Wednesdays at 4:00pm ET

Three years after the events of Space Battleship Yamato 2199, the Yamato and its crew undertake a new mission for the good of mankind.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

Mondays at 4:00pm ET

In the distant future, two rival prodigies stand at the forefront of a war between interstellar nations.

Dances with the Dragons

Saturdays at 4:00pm ET

Combining chemistry with weapons to create a powerful spell-like magic, bounty hunters Gaius and Gigina have their work cut out for them.


Thursdays at 4:00pm ET

An odd young girl with telekinetic abilities falls onto a yakuza member’s head. Together, they’ll form a strange yet valuable partnership!

Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-

Thursdays at 4:00pm ET

To pay off her grandfather’s debt, Aoi begins working at Tenjin-ya—a bed and breakfast for spirits!

Space Battleship Tiramisu

Wednesdays at 4:00pm ET

In preparation for his vital wartime missions, ace pilot Subaru Ichinose launches an all-out food-based assault on his own face.


Tuesdays at 4:00pm ET

After losing his clan, Taikobo is put in charge of the Hoshin Project: to seal away the evil immortals that infest the world.

Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko

Sundays at 4:00pm ET

To protect the world from supernatural beings, shrine maidens spend their days honing their swordsmanship at five special schools.

One Piece

Simulcast Saturdays at 10:00pm ET

With a loyal crew by his side, Monkey D. Luffy won't drop anchor until he's claimed the greatest treasure on Earth: One Piece!

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