Shin chan
TV-MA   |   HD(720)   |   1992

Shin chan

Shin chan—wholesome entertainment for fans of such important topics as: superheroes, hot babe chicks, bunny abuse, boobies, booze, stuff, unusual Hispanic men, dogs, dead pigs, psychic abilities, and several of the most popular bodily functions. Shin chan—watch it with your family and laugh the pain away!

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"Wildly funny and irreverent, Shin Chan will tickle your funny bone as it warms your heart."

Newtype USA

"While the humor is gross, potty-mouthed and generally exceedingly strange, it’s also damn funny."


"With an obscure cynicism and outright disrespect for his elders, Shin-chan is a derelict… he not only knows this, he’s enjoying it as well. Older animation fans seem to have forged a bond with this delinquent, for better or for worse."

Animation Insider


Original works © 1990 USUI YOSHITO. Animation series and products derived thereof © 1992-2009 SHIN-EI Animation & TV Asahi Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Funimation® Productions Ltd. & TV Asahi Corporation.

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