2016 MEN of MANLINESS - FINAL FOUR: Rider vs. Klaus

  • Rider/Iskander from Fate/Zero vs. Klaus von Reinherz from Blood Blockade Battlefront

    Don't forget to post your vote below in case of ties!

  • Rider is the epitome of manliness, so my vote goes to him.

  • I'm not about to argue that Rider isn't manly. Really, he is. And I wouldn't have any problem with him winning the tournament.

    But I promised myself that was NOT going to vote against Klaus in this tournament, and here are the reasons why:

    Recently, there's been a bit of an anti-Klaus pushback on the forums, claiming that his contribution to his own series was "minimal at best".

    And while it's true that he could've been in more scenes, I have to disagree.

    He might have fewer scenes than some of the other characters in the show, but the scenes he does have are absolutely unprecedented. Truly, he steals EVERY single scene he's in.

    Let us not forget his various feats: In the very first episode, he takes out an entire army of robot soldiers with a single attack. He's able to fight off Zapp with a single hand, without even spilling his tea. He catches a randomly falling steel bar with a single hand as if it was nothing. He fights off a strew of monsters in an underground catch mage without even breaking a sweat. He's even able to propel a massive fortress on wheels using his blood powers. And let's not forget that he's the ONLY person in the show capable of defeating the elder vampires.

    Oh, and yeah, then there's the entire 99 HOURS OF ALIEN CHESS game.

    And he does all of this whilst being completely polite and gentlemanly.

    Simply put, Klaus is the kind of person that someone like Izuku would strive to become. He's basically Rider to Leon's Waver.

    And THAT'S why Klaus is, in my opinion, the manliest man in this entire tournament. '

    ! Also, he doesn't get taken out like a cakewalk just because Gilgamesh is HAX. :P
    ! You CAN argue that he got put down by Blank, but at least he put up a damn good fight in doing so, and he actually survived the encounter.

  • Gonna go with Rider.

  • Two characters I am familiar with and two characters whom I really enjoyed. But I'm going with Rider since he is my favorite from Fate/Zero unlike Klaus where I preferred White and Zapp more. Klaus did cool things and all but Rider displays leadership and had people want to follow him. Something you normally don't see in the real world or even fantasy.

  • Going Rider here

  • This. This should be the final match. Because i cannot think of a single harder matchup to choose from than these two. But, i have to choose. So….Rider. I'm going with Rider. For one, tiny reason. Klaus, while most certainly a great mind of intelligence and strategy, can be a tad easy to manipulate when people use his own heroism against him. Like with Zapp tricking him into the underground fights by saying his life is in danger, or the police tricking him into doing their dirty work under the shroud of having them bring justice to the people. Of course, it could be argued that these are simply examples of Klaus's great sense of heroism and purity. Which is why this is only a tiny reason. But hey, i had to make a decision somehow.

  • I think Klaus is incredibly honorable and strong, and so he gets my vote. I also think the whole fate series is rather confusing, so no vote for Rider. Lol

  • @eastunder:

    This. This should be the final match.

    No kidding. It's pretty much everything you could ever watch in a Manliness Final Matchup.

    But still, decisions had to be made, variables were deduced, and biceps were measured, while meat was grinded on both sets of abdomens.

    Both are great, both are stupendous, both are brave, both are manly…...........

    But I must give the slightest edge to Rider himself.

    Rider is truly a man among men, a King, a champion, and a master of bravado. He believes in a kid like Waver, a little punk no one would ever believe in and saw a true fire and potential in him that he didn't see in himself. He commands respect, loyalty of his fellow men, and among the other contestants and champions in the Holy Grail War. Even among every single unsavory character who cheated, deceived, used, abused, corrupted, and BRUTALLY MASSACRED (seriously Caster man, what the ever loving shit), Rider and Waver were the only ones in the entire War to fight fairly, squarely, honorably, and to even go out of his way to call a toast among the other kings, to learn and discuss among themselves about what a King really is.

    To him, a King is a leader, a friend, a commander, a loud voice that stands his ground, fights for what is right, fights for his dreams and holds the reigns of battle with a mighty grin and a jolly laugh. And to that, by all accounts, when all is said and done....Rider exemplifies all of that.

    I love you too Klaus, but here, in this brutal beatdown of utter bravado and manliness…..my vote goes to Rider.

  • voting Klaus

  • Vote to Klaus von Reinherz - Blood Blockade Battlefront.

  • I can't vote for Klaus this time, going with Rider

  • My vote goes to Klaus von Reinherz.

  • Klaus forever! :)

  • Gotta go with Klaus here. Too often the manly type is portrayed as being a mindless walking muscle. While Klaus could easily fit the bill for strength, his intelligence sets him apart from the crowd. Rider is great and all, and if you were to figure the supposed IRL ID definitely fits the bill for strategic thought, but the character seemed to be more interested in enjoying life than strategy for most of the series. Klaus is all business.

  • @pleco_breeder:

    but the character seemed to be more interested in enjoying life than strategy for most of the series.

    Are you kidding? He wasn't out necessarily to enjoy life, he wanted to know what happened to his empire and was giving himself history lessons. He was playing games yes but they were heavily implied to be RTS games, he was a great leader who inspired his followers. Not many historical leaders could have that under their belt (closest I could think would be Cao Cao). Sure he may have been sexist but that would be because he is a product of his time. The strongest servant (Archer/Gilgamesh) even recognized Alexander as being a worthy adversary. They just had differences in opinion when it comes to leadership.

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