Do you think Funimation will pick up Cardcaptor Sakura?

  • There's a new Manga for this series along with a new anime also in the works. Now Funimation has picked up and rescue quite a few titles like Chobits Tsubasa, xxxholic, etc.

    Now NIS has picked up the orginal (not very good imo) dub or packing of that series. So do you think its possible?
    I hope MAD house does it and brings back the iold cast.

  • Well it's possible. There are some rumors that new anime adaption will be a remake of some sort. Cardcaptor Sakura is a classic, Funimation loves classic anime because it sells. I put my money on Funimation getting the exclusive rights if the new anime adaption is indeed a remake (or something like that). If its a sequel (which would be unlikely since the story ended with the sealed card movie) i dont think Funimation will grab it.

    Ive the NIS america release with the Animax uncensored dub. I dont know if the ADV(i think it was ADV?) was any good back then but the Animax dub isnt that great but at least its in English lol.

  • It happened. And the show is a sequel.

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