Let's play: Telling the truth!

  • Okay guys, here the rule:

    The first person (it's me lol) will ask the next one a question about everything, every topic as he wants. And the next person has to answer the question truthly (absolutely the truth) and continuously ask the next one.

    1. DO NOT LIE! (take a vow to yourself, please :v)
    2. If you dont want to answer the question, stand aside and wait for another.
    3. The questions could be "Yes/No" or What, Where, When, Why,…whatever :D

    You all got it? Okay let me go first!

    What do your hands use for while you are kiss a girl? :v

  • Probably to hold her waist or butt, but I've been single for so long that I don't really remember well lol…

    Do you floss?

  • when I can find it and remember to.
    what would u do when u r a cop and three people r taken hostage. u have a choice of who to save: the annoying girl who has a crush on u, the hot tie who is a snob and hates u for no reason, or your dream teacher. who would u choose?

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