2016 MEN of MANLINESS - EXCELLENT EIGHT: Dutch vs. Rider

  • Dutch from Black Lagoon vs. Rider/Iskander from Fate/Zero

    Don't forget to post your vote below in case of ties!

  • My vote goes to Dutch.

  • You know what? I'm going to go against popular opinion on this one.

    Rider is indeed very, very manly. Almost stereotypically so. And who would expect anything less from a giant red-headed Alexander the Great?

    But honestly? I'm going to go with Dutch on this one.

    True, he may technically be a pirate, a gangsta, and a "bad guy". But very rarely do you ever see him doing anything that's truly cold-blooded. And considering he's Revy's boss and handler, that's saying a lot. Not to mention that being the only man alive who can keep Revy under control from going full-on Virginia Tech Massacre on the entire world is a massive feat in and of itself.

    But the thing that impresses me the most about Dutch is that, he's a black man in an anime… who ISN'T a blatantly offensive racial stereotype. And even when people try to use his race to personally insult him, he keeps his cool. He's not just the "black guy". He's a businessman, a boss, and a badass who just happens to be black.

    And that's why my vote goes to Dutch. :)

  • Voting for Rider

  • Dutch. Don't really care for either though

  • Vote to Dutch - Black Lagoon.

  • Honestly, I'm really hoping for a Klaus vs Rider matchup for the semifinals. Vote goes to the King of Conquerors once more!

  • I'm voting for Rider on this one.

  • Gonna vote Rider

  • voting Dutch

  • Dutch goes up against criminals, terrorists, neo-nazis, and world governments, and doesn't even break a sweat. Dutch is one smooth operator.

    Vote goes to Dutch - Black Lagoon

  • Voting for Rider.

  • It takes an exceptional leader to earn the title of "great" in history. Iskander displayed the best qualities about who he was portaying (due to his writer).

    Besides I haven't watched Black Lagoon (and don't really plan to anytime soon) so I'm going with the one I know :p

  • Voting Dutch. Anybody that can deal with all that, keep a cool head, and still be capable of well-thought reasoning has to be a real man. I agree with most of what Hardy said above, but personally think Dutch has the best of both worlds. He gets all the excitement, but can tone it down for the business perspective. The best thing is that he excels at both (unless it involves taking down a helicopter from a torpedo boat). That had to hurt the bottom line.

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