If a future Broadcast Dub is on the Simulcast Schedule, please include the start date

  • Right now, on the main Stream page, in the Simulcast Schedule section, for Thursday it lists:

    Planetarian 12:30 pm Eastern
    (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive)

    Planetarian 12:30 pm Eastern
    Broadcast Dub

    I clicked the link for the Broadcast Dub version, but I was taken to the regular Planetarian Videos page with thumbnails for the subtitled videos displayed. I then selected "Dubbed" for Language, but then no videos were listed. Then after looking in the news section, I found that the Broadcast Dub wouldn't be starting until August 4. I recommend putting something like "(starting Aug. 4)" in the Simulcast Schedule listing on the main Stream page, at least until the release date of the first episode is less than a week away.

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