2016 MEN of MANLINESS - SUPER SIXTEEN: Klaus vs. Hak

  • Klaus von Reinherz from Blood Blockade Battlefront vs. Son Hak from Yona of the Dawn

    Don't forget to post your vote below in case of ties!

  • I must give it to Mr. Klaus himself.

  • Giving my vote to Klaus.

  • **Hak, the Thunder Beast, former general of the Wind Tribe and protector to the next in line for the throne

    My vote will be going to him!**

    I will admit when I started this show, I was expecting a typical reverse harem and at first, did not even really plan on watching past the first episode (I try to watch the first episodes of each show each season to see if there is anything that I may miss out on, and fortuanately I do because at first glace Yona seemed like a pass) and the ending of episode 1 was enough to keep me around. With the twist, and how intriguing Hak was.

    Hak is brave, loyal, intelligent, witty and basically everything that I, personally, consider to be manly.

    He sticks with the princess after she finds herself tossed in a situation far beyond his control, even though it pits him directly against a man that he considers to be his best friend, and it's not for the typical shoujo reasons of "twoo love!" No, there is so much more to this triangle filled with deceit, betrayal, loyalty, friendship and love. For once, the two men involved aren't rivals, they aren't enemies, they were almost closer then Yona was with either of them and that makes this dynamic even more interesting to watch.

    Hak was extremely loyal to the original king, a man that many saw as weak and a fool, but Hak whole heartedly believed to be a good king who wanted nothing more then peace for his people. Because this is what Hak wants as well, he wants a peaceful time and to have his friends be happy. He managed to look past the facade and see the person underneath who, although we know now that he wasn't a great ruler, was a good, well intentioned person who received a fate he did not deserve at the hands of someone Hak thought he knew and trusted. So he devotes himself to saving the kingdom, as well as protecting his childhood friend and heir to the throne.

    Hak has shown multiple times that he is fully willing to place his life on the line for his morals, and he has the ability to fight for what he believes. Although the show has a number of characters with supernatural abilities, Hak shows that he can rise through the ranks and become one of the most powerful based on training as well as some natural abilities without any supernatural powers.

    He not only believes in defending Yona with his life but also grants her the tools to help herself, teaching her to become her own person so she can on day become the kind of leader the kingdom needs and grow beyond the Princess she was before the series starts.

    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huSsNAyDnsA

    Hak also holds a lot of value in family and the man who raised him. He will do whatever it takes to protect them, and has no trouble using his numerous skills to right the wrongs of others.

    He's also quite expressive with his emotions and has a sense of humor rather then being stony faced and serious all the time, like this character type normally is. There's a lot that is different about him and it makes him so much fun to watch. He's the kind of person you would want to get to know if he were real as he just seems like a good, stand up guy.

    I really wish the anime managed to get further in to the storyline that the manga holds, because there are so many more examples I would love to list. Hak is really an incredible character.

  • I'm going with Hak, I won't give up hope that he'll win against Klaus. (What a horrible round TT_TT)

  • Hak for me. Not doubt about it.

  • Vote to Klaus von Reinherz - Blood Blockade Battlefront.

  • voting Hak

  • My vote goes to Klaus von Reinherz.

  • Voted for Klaus. They both fight on the side of good, but Klaus dresses in a snazzy suit while he does it. I don't know if that's a legitimate reason to pick him, but it's the reason I'm giving.

  • Klaus von Reinherz - Blood Blockade Battlefront

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