Funimation and iTunes…

  • I was about open my Blu Ray copy of Terror in Resonance when I decided to check iTunes again. It was there! Is there a way to check what Funimation titles are on iTunes as well as those upcoming?

    Thanks in Advance!

  • I'm with you all the way. I've bought more than a few Funimation titles from iTunes, and it's not always easy to find them. I always scan the 'new and noteworthy' section on the animation page of the store, but sometimes titles get buried in there that only a search will drag out. I'm eagerly awaiting the iTunes release of "And you thought there is never a girl online?", in either sub or dub form, or preferably both.

    It sort of begs the question: why buy from the iTunes Store when it's all available here? I just think it's nice to own shows I particularly like, in case they ever disappear from here.

  • Yes! iTunes is my prefered way to watch anime and at one time Funimation was under the studio tab…???

  • There is a Funimation tab between 'Anime' and 'Animated Movies', but I find it doesn't keep as up to date as the 'New and Noteworthy' and 'Anime' sections.

  • I just looked over the list today and it appears to be current. The english dub of Blood Blockade Battlefront is there and that hasn't been released yet…

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