Blu ray anime releases, not worth it?

  • So im sitting here watching some older stuff and i'm noticing due to the simplisty of anime and how its drawn it scales super well. I first noticed then playing some vita games out to my tv (Sony x930c) which is a 4k tv. The vita's games that had 2d or animated openings looked just as good as some blu ray anime i'd be watching. Vita isnt even 720p in quality. 960x544 vs 1920x1080 that blu ray is and even then both of these are being scaled to 4k on a 65" screen with no real difference. Maybe we shouldn't be so consider with the resolution of these videos on our blu ray releases especially the older thing. DBZ on DVD vs the Blu ray releases show little to no difference except in color mastering. Theres no magical detail to get from these older shows. There is no detail to be had. It would be nice to have much more on a disk encoded at a nice high bit rate, but at 480p widescreen instead.

    Just my food for thought.

  • It depends more on the content than the medium. BD has inherit advantages, in that you are less likely to experience video flaws, such as ghosting, but those issues may not be obvious to everyone, especially if the DVDs and BDs are made using the same masters.

    What benefits the most would be older cel animated content on film stock (especially if new masters are made from the original film stock), or recent digitally animated content. Anything from the late '90s or early '00s, or anything that hasn't been remastered from film, won't benefit much from higher resolutions on BD.

  • Not to mention that BDs are objectively much more durable than DVDs, and the audio quality is always much better due to the lack of compression.

  • I always like to look at the difference between Maid Sama!'s release on DVD and its release on Bluray. I didn't know a DVD image could look so bad. It's probably an exception, but still.

    That said, if the image quality can't be improved then I still prefer Bluray as they can cram more episodes on a disc. That and the subtitles on DVDs just look horrid compared to what Bluray can offer. They're blocky and jagged on DVD and more anti-aliased on Bluray making them "softer" to look at. Even Sentai's yellow subtitles are bearable on Bluray.

  • Blu-rays are meant to be more durable because there is an additional layer of disc that protects the data from scratches. And then blu-ray also has a larger storage capacity. Honestly if they were to use a tri-layer disc (supposed to hold 100 GB of data) they could just sell us one disc that has an entire season of anime. Only a matter of time till they sell us media via USB.

  • Heck there's a huge difference between DVD releases, Here's a comparison between the original Software Sculptors Release vand the Nozomi Entertainment release of Revolutionary Girl Utena:

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