Honest Anime Trailers

  • I'm sure a few of you have heard of Honest Trailers, right? It's a series made by a "corporation" called Screen Junkies, which lampoons movie and television trailers by showing various flaws in the actual movie or show. There's also Smosh Games' Honest Game Trailers, if you want a different perspective. But what about anime? Good news, there are Honest Anime Trailers! - or, at least there used to be.

    See, these videos are fanmade, and there are at least three channels that make them. Now, there is only one. The most well-known is Anime Paradise, who made plenty of videos but eventually had to de-list (not delete) all the trailers, because apparently Screen Junkies has copyrighted not only the name, but also the format (if that's even possible). The guy who makes it was said to be in talks with Andy Signore about joining them, but the current details are vague (as he seems to also be doing flash animation for them), and now all we can do is watch them on the channel "arianne ceron". Meanwhile, there is that of Nux Taku. His is the only one still going strong, probably because his channel also does abridged series and various anime reviewer videos, he uses a rather different format (calling them "Sarcastic Anime Trailers") AND he's very much under the radar (unfortunately). Again, no worries.

    I'm actually here to talk about the last one though. This is the channel of Anime Addicts. He also did Honest Anime Trailers (later called "Truthful Anime Trailers"), but after his one for Code Geass his channel mysteriously closed down, as did his social media pages. As such, a few of his videos have been lost. Thankfully, I was able to find at least seven of them on the channels "Plank Woodie" and "Chi Nguyen". However, we are still missing AT LEAST the one for Code Geass. If you can, can you please try to find these videos or, if you are like me, write down the memorized scripts for the trailers that we have not found? We need to take action for Section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act. #WTFU

  • wow, never knew they could cause that much trouble

  • Only Anime Paradise is really on Screen Junkies' radar. But the videos are all so GOOD.

  • Well, this was surprising. I was scouring online, and I ended up finding Anime Addicts' trailers for HotD and Yu-Gi-Oh on Dailymotion. As such, I will edit those things out of the original post. I should have also done this earlier, but here are the links to each of the places to find Anime Addicts' trailers (as you can still find Paradise's and Nux's on their channels):




    Right now we just need the Code Geass one, which I am (praise the Lord) registering into my memory. If anyone finds it, please post the link here. Until then, I am rewriting the script.

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