Funimation S.A.V.E? Favorites?

  • I always wonder what Funimation. S.A.V.E. means for the shows. Does it mean that it did terrible in sales? Cause I just noticed shows like Fujiko mine, Oanty and Stocking, Fruits baskets, is in Classic while shows like Michiko and Hatchin, Kamisama Kiss, and Baka and Test, Karnavel, Princess jellyfish, and Shakugan no Shana seasons 1 and 2 are on Save. D.gray man episodes are now being pick up even tho its in Save. So can someone explain to me if SAVE titles mean bad sales?

    And what SAVE titles are your favorites?

  • Actually, S.A.V.E. shows are show that are quite popular and, as such, are being re-released for almost half the price.

  • No, the "Super Awesome Value Edition" is used for old titles… usually 3+ years.

  • Yes, S.A.V.E. is for both shows that failed to meet initial sales goals and for shows that are still selling but not at a rate that shows in the classics line are selling

  • I think licensor mandate might play a part in it too. Funimation might not be allowed to sell certain shows under a specific price tag, so they end up going into the Classics line even if they didn't do so well originally.

    Notice how quite a few of the Geneon rescues went straight into the Classics line despite not having any previous re-releases, like Haibane Renmei, Ergo Proxy, and Texhnolyze.

  • Yeah. I noticed that too. Chobits is another example of that. Love Hina too. I know shows like Big Windup (such a shame) is on the SAVE list due to it selling so bad. Kodocha is another show with terrible sales which is why they never finish it. Same with School Rumble. But shows like Mushi shi, Michiko and Hatchin and Baka and test im rather unsure if those sold badly.

  • @hinaru77:

    Same with School Rumble

    School Rumble TV was finished.

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