Toggling fullscreen

  • I've noticed that sometimes fullscreen works for your entire screen and other times it's just for the browser. The browser fullscreen fits the screen to your browser so it is useful if you're doing something else on the computer (i.e. split screen). However, I haven't figured out how to do either one, it just sometimes does it for the browser, other times for the entire screen when I click fullscreen. Is there a way to toggle it between the two? Or is it a browser thing? (I use chrome)

  • @8ZAvemanXD:

    Or is it a browser thing? (I use chrome)

    Use Internet Explorer instead. The site's player is still Flash based, and non-flash browsers (or if it turned off) can have problems with it I have noticed (using HTML5 player). Just as, using HTML5 player on YOUTUBE, I cannot get fullscreen to work on this IE browser; with FLash, NP.

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