Question about Danganronpa 3 Broadcast Dub

  • For the Despair arc of the anime, will the same VA's for the characters from the games (such as Johnny Yong Bosch for Hajime Hinata, Bryce Papenbrooke for Nagito Komaeda, and Christine Cabanos for Chiaki Nanami) be used instead of an anime original cast, like the dub for the first Danganronpa anime? Most fans would prefer if the voices they grew to love in the games were used in the dub, rather than a jarring shift to new VA's that would end up causing tons of controversy with the community.
    Alongside this, will the dub use the official localized terms from the games or will it use the terms from the subs of both anime, such as using "Ultimate" instead of "Super High School Level/SHSL" and having characters go by a first name-basis, rather than the last name-basis the first anime used?

  • No word yet. Hopefully we'll find out sooner rather than later. But totally agreed on wanting the actors back (several of them actually contacted Funimation in regards to the first anime and were unhappy they never got contacted. Erin and Kaiji in particular.

    And agreed on the terms. Like I'm used to "Hope's Peak Academy" not "Hope's Peak High School".

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