2016 MEN of MANLINESS - Round 3: Kiba vs. Nicolas

  • Kiba from Wolf's Rain vs. Nicolas Brown from Gangsta.

    Don't forget to post your vote below in case of ties!

  • "What's the point of living when it means throwing away your pride!"

    A well said line by the White Wolf himself, Kiba.

    It may seem like an odd choice, for me to defend a character that is, in truth, a wolf in a tournament about manliness, but he is an incredibly manly character. True to his morals, protective of his pack, a real warrior, Kiba is a good person despite being a canine.

    He is incredibly brave, although he tends to act more on instinct then anything else and takes his role as leader very seriously. While he does act on instinct and is therefore a bit more reckless, this does not make him stupid in battle, and he manages to take on a few opponents that he wouldn't have been able to had it not been for his quick thinking. He does, in the beginning, have a deep rooted mistrust for people (for good reason), but eventually grows better as the series goes on.


    He's not afraid to resort to violence when it comes to someone hurting a member of his family or himself. He is the first wolf we are introduced to and the wolf that is on a mission to discover paradise, the premise of our show. He is completely determined and confident that he will be able to do so, and he wants nothing more then to be able to provide a better life for wolves.

    Overall, he is a character that, while he is more quiet in nature, never hesitates to protect and lead. Manly in a less in your face fashion, but manly none the less.

    Not to mention, really, there's not much cooler then a wolf.


  • This is a tough one. Kiba is a pretty cool Wolf trying to find Paradise and set the world right. Nicolas is a deaf mercenary who does try to fight for the right side.

    I have to go with Kiba on this one.

  • My vote goes to Nicolas Brown.

  • Personally, I don't even think Kiba is the manliest guy in his own show. That honor would go to someone like Quent, in my opinion.

    Nicolas, on the other hand, is a guy who, despite being handicapped, is able to take on foes twice his size and strength, who always tries to do the right thing, and who never lets anyone boss him or his friends around.

    Votes go to Nic.

  • I'm voting for Kiba.

  • Vote to Nicolas Brown - Gangsta.

  • Nicolas gets my vote

  • Vote goes to Kiba

  • Nicolas Brown - Gangsta

  • random vote Kiba

  • Voting Kiba.

  • I see what you're doing, HP.

    I can't give you a paddlin', but I can shake my head. :hmm:

  • ?

    Have never seen Gangsta, and it's not a show I'd have interest in, so Kiba got my vote by default, even though I've never even finished Wolf's Rain.

    If you're talking about why I'm so late.

    Eh, no idea. Recently I kinda just postpone voting in the matches I have less interest in.

    So don't be surprised if I end up not voting in one or two at all.

  • Ah, I see. Sorry then. Forget I said anything. ^_^

    I just remembered the little trick you played back in the women's tournament and thought you were up to your old tricks again.

  • Nah, if I wanted to be a sneak I wouldn't even have to post. :P

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