2016 MEN of MANLINESS - Round 3: Levi vs. All Might

  • Levi from Attack on Titan vs. All Might from My Hero Academia

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  • Levi, Humanity's Strongest Soldier, is truly a many among men.

    He cares very deeply for others, even though at first he appears to have a very harsh and uncaring personality. He considers the safety of his squad and the people around him to be top priority and even though he could easily hide behind the safety of the walls, as many of the other powerful fighters choose to do, he always enters right in to the fray and danger to protect those that need his protection, whether it be someone he cares about or a stranger.

    He has a strong respect for structure and discipline. Even though his past is a bit muddied in crime, he has come out of it fully and has devoted himself to the milatary and it's soldiers. Even before becoming a soldier, he goes out of his way to protect those that need it, even if they're complete strangers. He does not stand for those that prey on the weak and he will do what it takes to defend them.


    ! He grew up a lower class citizen, no even allowed above the surface and barely able to see the sun, people around him dying left, right and center. So he decides to do what he can to help the people he cares about who are living in squalor and dying from deficiencies due to their environment.
    ! Then he gets them above ground and finally their lives and changed forever. They have achieved what the dreamed to, even if they are fighting titans in exchange. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes as it often does in this show and his two closest companions die. Quite horrifically.
    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV9AYdEUIHU
    ! He forces himself to move on. He builds a new family, a team he truly care about. In the first scene we really see him in, he is kicking ass and taking names, defending his team and when one dies (Terribly), he shows true grief and remorse. When I was first watching this show, having now idea what to expect from Levi's character, I'll admit I judged him based on his appearance and a few lines of dialogue and thought he would be the typical uncaring leader who thought of his soldiers as pawns.
    ! Imagine my surprise where it actually turns out to be a fairly emotional scene and I would up really feeling that Levi regretted and mourned the loss of his squad member.
    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GUeizCI_x8
    ! We continue to see examples of how close he is with his team, and how devoted he is to their safety. It's simple misfortune that one of the times he is away from them they wind up against an opponent that was too much for them to handle. He not only loses his entire team in one go, but also a woman that was heavily implied that he loved very much.
    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34CaEvON5IM
    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUhV7reDG3Y
    ! The amount of grief and fury in his revenge scene truly shows just how much he cared.

    Levi is a survivor, a soldier, a defender and also a leader. He's brave, loyal, capable, strong and has a strong set of morals. He is everything that I think a man should be. He can be a bit brash and harsh, but in the world that he lives in he cannot afford to be soft and to coddle his men. He does what he believes it takes to keep his men alive.

    I sincerely hope he goes far in this tournament.

  • My vote goes to All Might.

  • Levi gets my vote

  • All Might. A symbol of peace, a hero to all, a pursuer of justice even when the odds are stacked against him, even when he has no more energy left. A man whose very soul burns heroism, whose power and stamina puts fear in the hearts of evil. A man facing the challenges of crippling injuries and must work his hardest to keep the show that he is in tip-top shape not to put fear in the hearts of society, but can't just stop doing his job as a hero and a Symbol of Peace.

    A man of overwhelming power, heart, and wisdom trying to keep the world safe, to teach the next generation of heroes, and to fight against evil, all with a charismatic smile, and an overwhelming aura.

    He is the symbol of peace, but he is always learning. He feels guilt over his inability to be able to save everyone, as well as working his hardest to make sure he teaches the next generation alongside Izuku proper. He works hard, he fights hard, he gives 300% and he is truly a man worthy of respecting and admiring as a True Blue Hero.

    My vote goes to All Might.


    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvR-kTUad6U

  • Definitely All Might.

  • Posted vote goes to Levi

  • Posted vote goes to Levi.

  • Posted vote for Levi.

  • May I remind you….. Levi's an asshole.

    All Might is every bit the man that he is and MORE.... and yet isn't a total dick.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    May I remind you….. Levi's an asshole.

    All Might is every bit the man that he is and MORE.... and yet isn't a total dick.


  • voting All Might

  • Vote to All-Might - My Hero Academia.

  • Plus Ultra!

  • Gotta go with ALL MIGHT

  • Going with Levi

  • I guess I need to get around to voting on this one soon. Lol

  • Voting Levi.

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