Switching from dub to sub

  • I'm about 80 episodes away from catching up to the English dub of One Piece. I was wondering if it's a good choice to continue with subtitles or wait for the next dubbed episode to show up. To get used to the Japanese voices, I have started watching the series from the beginning with subtitles, but I still want to see Marineford with the English voices that I'm used to. Can you please give me your opinions on whether I should switch or not?

  • I am someone who's memory is partial audio graphic which means I retain information much better hearing it then reading it so I am forced to wait for the dubs. I have switched to the subs when I run out of dubbed episodes(I'm at that point now) but I have a hard time remembering them like that so I will end up watching them dubbed anyway. That are some voices I prefer in the sub to the dub and some I don't(I like Zorro dubbed voice better but Luffy's subbed voice better)

    you are 80 episodes from catching up so you should be ok but if you catch up I'd try to wait if you prefer the dub but if you can't just make a promise to yourself to go back and rewatch the dub and go wtih the sub if you can handle it

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