Video Player (Web/Browser) Suggestions

  • I have a few notes about the video player. Overall it gets the job done, but it is falling behind many other sites. I wouldn't naturally expect Funimation to be able to keep up with Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, but the gap is too wide. I think the notes below are well within reach, and I would also be interested to hear what other subscribers might think as well.


    • High Priority Items: These are items that would either be considered bugs or usability issues that fall far beneath what is standard for modern players
    • Medium Priority Items: These are features that are common in players that would be considered modern or advanced for the current technology
    • Low Priority Items: These are nice-to-have features that do not impact experience in a negative way, but could make watching videos online more convenient/enjoyable.

    High Priority Items

    • Even if your default quality setting is 1080p, the player starts in 480 and works its way up to 720 and then 1080. This is not necessarily a bad thing and probably pretty common, but each step it takes there is about an 80% chance that the frame freezes or glitches during the transition. If you are watching a sub, this can make it pretty easy to miss dialogue.
    • When changing the video's play position (forwards or backwards) there is an exorbitant loading time (anywhere from 3-5 seconds on average) in between adjustments. Additionally, the buffer resets each time you do this even if you are advancing to a point that is within the current buffer, even if you go backwards on the video timeline.
    • The volume of the player is always set to 50%. If you change it for one video, you still have to change it again for every subsequent video.
    • If you set the volume of the player to 100%, there is sound distortion for very high and very low frequencies. I am guessing this is why it defaults to 50%, but the problem with it being set to 50% is that if you turn up your volume to accommodate, other sounds such as notifications from external apps are way too loud.

    Medium Priority Items

    • The progress bar lacks a hover preview. If you look at players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, you can more easily see where you'd like to progress or rewind if you can see an image of that area.
    • The playlist navigation menu does not support the mouse wheel. If you open it and there are more videos than what fits in the area, a scroll bar is on the right side, but you cannot adjust using the mwheel. You can drag the scroll bar, which is fine, but at least consider making it so the mwheel doesn't cause the menu to hide.

    Low Priority Items

    • Advancing to the next video causes a browser refresh. More advanced players will progress you to the next video without ever having to exit full screen.
    • The size of the progress bar and buttons does not scale to screen size. This is more of a usability feature that doesn't bother me personally, but accessibility consideration for those with poor eyesight or motor handicaps is not uncommon in modern players.

    Thank you for the hard work being done on the site and your consideration of this feedback.

    Notes for developers

  • Yes, I agree with the sound volume at only 50%… as I posted on another thread; on mobile devices that is very quiet, and trying to move the slider does not seem to work (on Microsoft Edge; Windows Phone 10 anyways) at all.

    Now, I have not noticed any sound distortions at full power: although my computer does have a good sound card, perhaps when able, I will investigate. In either case, the volume is certainty an issue for some devices like phones, it is so...

  • In regards to the sound quality, this is particularly noticeable in high-action scenes; it is most notable with explosions and glass breaking. I am using a Recon3d Fatality Pro Sound Blaster with Bose speakers, and I do not get any type of distortion even at very high levels with other players. The reason why I think there is a problem with the volume amplification in the funimation player is because I have found that you can increase the sound to about 70% and the distortions do not occur. The sound is similar to a bottoming out that occurs when trying to force too much power into a subwoofer.

  • Ah, well I use headphones so IDK…

    BTW, I figured out how to solve me phone volume problem... apparently there is more then one volume slider...

    EDIT: Yes, now on my computer, I am not "noticing" any distortions. However, being on headphones, it may be hard to tell if there was any.

    Also, IDK if you have the Sound Blaster effects enabled (or which urs has), but this could possibly be effecting it as well. Using the SBX Pro Studio sound program that comes with the card; have most stuff turned on.

    Perhaps, if you could record a sample of what you are talking about (using in-line; "What you hear" sound), it would make it easier to figure this out...

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