How Long for DVD/Blu Ray release?

  • How long does it usually take Funimation to roll out a DVD/Blu-ray release of a show after it airs?

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  • Hard to give a concrete number, but on average it takes about a year after the last Japanese Blu-Ray volume is released for a series and about 6-9 months to a year after the Japanese Blu-Ray launches for movies and OVAs. Broadcast Dubs and the heavy push for theatrical releases for films have cut that time down drastically (with DragonBall Z Resurrection 'F' launching on home video worldwide nearly simultaneously with Japan).

  • The magic number is usually about 12-16 months after it finishes airing in Japan. Sometimes it can take quite a bit longer (Brothers Conflict, Barakamon), and sometimes it comes out unexpectedly fast (Seraph of the End).

  • Okay, so now I have a question. It usually takes about 12-16 months for a show to get released on Bluray, but I assume that only happens once the show has already been released in Japan? The show I have really been looking forward to is Gangsta, but I was just reading that only the first four episodes have been released on Bluray in Japan, with the rest delayed until further notice. With Manglobe Studios going bankrupt, does this make it unlikely that Gangsta will get a Bluray release?

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