Your name. (Kimi no Namae wa.)

  • At Anime Expo last weekend, Funimation acquired Makoto Shinkai's your name. (Kimi no Namae wa.) film for release in North America. Funimation will release the film in theaters and on Bluray/DVD.

    The Kimi no Na wa. film's "story of miracles and love" revolves around Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha is a female high school student who lives in a rural town nestled deep in the mountains. Her father is the mayor and isn't at home much, and she lives with her elementary school-aged little sister and her grandmother. Mitsuha has an honest personality, but she doesn't like the customs of her family's Shinto shrine, nor does she like her father participating in an election campaign. She laments that she lives in a confined rural town, and yearns for the wonderful lifestyle of living in Tokyo. Taki is a male high school student who lives in central Tokyo. He spends time with his friends, works part-time at an Italian restaurant, and is interested in architecture and fine arts. One day, Mitsuha has a dream where she is a young man. Taki also has a dream where he is a female high school student in a town in the mountains that he has never been to. What is the secret to their dreams of personal experience?

    Boy: I've been searching for something for a while.
    Text: A high school boy who lives in the heart of the city - Taki
    Text: A girl who lives in the boonies - Mitsuha
    Mitsuha: Oh, don't tell me…
    Taki: We switched places...
    Mitsuha and Taki: our dreams?!
    Text: Their bodies switched places.
    Mitsuha: The guys are starting! I've gotta watch out for my skirt.
    Taki: Um, Mitsuha...
    Text: The switched up daily life of two people who would never have met each other.
    Taki: Don't mess with my relationships, alright?
    Taki: That girl!
    Mitsuha: That guy!
    Woman: You're dreaming right now.
    Text: The dream that they should have seen.
    Operator Voice: The number you have dialed is out of coverage area...
    Taki: What did I just...
    Mitsuha: If we don't do anything, everyone will die tonight.
    Yotsuba: Mitsuha, you're acting funny.
    Taki: What did you think of what he said?
    Taki: No. It wasn't a dream.
    Text: A story of a miraculous day when the stars fell.
    Grandmother: Dreams eventually disappear when you wake up.
    Miki: I liked it.
    Taki: Back then, you...
    Mitsuha: Back then, I...
    Text: I'm searching for you...
    Taki: Don't worry. I'm sure we'll make it.
    Text: Who I've never met.
    Taki: Mitsuha!
    Mitsuha: I can't remember his name!
    Boy: You're the one that started this!
    Taki: I had been thinking to tell you that wherever you are in the world, I'm going to go and see you no matter what!
    Mitsuha: Who is he?
    Taki: Someone I don't want to forget.
    Mitsuha: Someone I didn't want to forget.
    Taki: Someone I couldn't ever forget.
    Mitsuha: Your name...
    Taki: Your name!
    Taki: The scene looked like something out of a dream.
    Mitsuha: And it was truly...
    Taki and Mitsuha: Something to behold.

    "Shinkai wrote the script for the film. Masashi Ando (Spirited Away, When Marnie Was There, Paprika) served as the animation director and Masayoshi Tanaka (anohana, The Anthem of the Heart, Toradora!) designed the characters. CoMix Wave Inc. animated the film. Shinkai published the original novel that inspired the film on June 18, ahead of the film's opening."

    "The film stars (Top row, from left to right in image above) Ryunosuke Kamiki (Summer Wars' Kenji, Howl's Moving Castle's Markl, The Princess and the Pilot's Charles Karino) as Taki Tachibana and actress Mone Kamishiraishi (live-action Chihayafuru: Kami no Ku's Kanade ÅŒe) as Mitsuha Miyamizu. Masami Nagasawa (Detroit Metal City's Yuri, From Up On Poppy Hill's Umi) plays Miki, an older schoolmate whom Taki admires, and Etsuko Ichihara (Horus, Prince of the Sun's Hilda, Miyori no Mori's Granny) plays Mitsuha's grandmother.

    (Bottom row, from left to right in image above) Ryō Narita and Aoi Yūki play Mitsuha's classmates Katsuhiko Teshigawara and Sayaka Natori, respectively. Nobunaga Shimazaki and Kaito Ishikawa play Taki's classmates Tsukasa Fujii and Shinta Takagi, respectively. Child actor Kanon Tani plays Mitsuha's younger sister Yotsuba Miyamizu."

    "Variety named Makoto Shinkai one of the top 10 'animators to watch' for 2016 (and the only Japanese director on that list), and also listed him as one of the top anime directors after Hayao Miyazaki"s retirement, along with Boy and the Beast director Mamoru Hosoda."

    "Makoto Shinkai"s films (Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Garden of Words, and more) are known for being absolutely visually stunning, with lush fantastic backgrounds, lovingly-rendered skies and starscapes, and a penchant for making everyday modern environments more beautiful than life. They"re also known for being emotionally touching, with stories of love, connection and meaning. If you have any interest in the world of animation or anime creators, definitely check out his new film (and get your tissues ready)."

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  • @nubguy:

    They"re also known for being emotionally touching, with stories of love, connection and meaning.

    I always hope he'll come up with a new theme one of these days.

    If you have any interest in the world of animation or anime creators, definitely check out his new film (and get your tissues ready).

    This I will second wholeheartedly.

  • Three new television ads are now streaming for the upcoming anime film, your name. The song in all three commercials is the films theme song, "Zen Zen Zense" by RADWIMPS. The film premiered in Los Angeles on July 3 at the 2016 Anime Expo. your name will be released in Japan on August 26, and will later be released in US theaters by Funimation Films.

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