Midoriya might have a natural power

  • I'm pretty sure that Midoriya might actually have a natural power that he didn't know that he had because it never came up before. When he used all mights power and punched Nomu he didn't take any damage at all for the first time, or atleast that's what he thought happened.

    We know that Nomu's natural power was rapid regeneration. What if Midoriya's power is that he can use another person's power when he's touching them? So he might have taken the damage and just regenerated so fast he didn't notice. I could be grasping at straws here and reading into stuff. Maybe if something similar happens a few more times they'll notice.

    Sure he's touched other people with powers before, but he might not have ever tried to use their powers while he was touching them; and regeneration just happens, it's not a consciously willed power.

    What does everyone else think?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yesss and mabye he keeps it after he used it while touching them! I accadently deleted apanother post for this so this is basicly what I said

    One of the best theories
    Hope ur right but this can result in alot of bullshit moments
    Let the loopholed begin
    Also like an alt and better eiser head

  • No, the reason why Izuku's arm didn't shatter when he punched Nomu is because Nomu's main power is shock absorption. Nomu's body absorbed the full impact of Deku's punch, which is why Deku didn't hurt himself.

    He has no such ability to copy other peoples' quirks.

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