Question about the dubs

  • Funimation, it's cool that you guys are doing simul-dubs and all but it seems like every series has the SAME voice actors! Are there any plans to expand the number of English voice actors so we don't have the same group playing the leads in EVERY dub?

  • They HAVE been expanding their actors. Many of the ones in the dubs are brand new.

  • Must just have been unlucky that I came across a couple shows in a row that had the same ones then.

  • To be fair, the Japanese re-use the same actors just as often - if not more-so - than we do over here. :hmm:

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    Japanese re-use the same actors just as often - if not more-so -

    Based on what I've seen the JP VA pool is larger than in America but also in America they tend to get reused by the same studios unlike in JP. It also doesn't help that most dubs are made by Sentai and Funimation who are in Houston and Dallas. Which is a huge barrier of entry considering how inconvenient it is for most people to try and get a job in a market that is very competitive, or at least I assume its competitive, and pays little.

    Japan has a more extensive pool and benefit from a smaller geographic area and good wages for voice acting, which come with an added benefit of talent searching, not to mention their "games" (visual novels and jrpgs) tend to get either partial or full voice acting unlike America where we're lucky to even get partial VO.

  • The simulcast dubs also have a lot of the same people because they have to use the people that are close by so they can come in and dub every week. also, people who are skilled enough to dub every week. It's something that comes with simulcast dubbing.

  • A lot of the main characters in Winter were borderline brand new or were basically on and off again actors over the years. There's always a new wave of actors that pops up every year. Like it wasn't that long ago that actors like Austin Tindle, Brynn Appril, Justin Briner, ect were basically newbies.

    Here's the thing. Look up most anime actors in Japan. Many of them have multiple titles listed per year. Even multiple roles per season. It's just the big difference is that over in Japan a lot of their voice acting is pretty close. Where as in NA we got people in Texas, California, New York, Canada (not sure what area of Canada has all the dubs). And while we do have actors that will travel around it's a lot less common and it's more of something the bigger names like Matthew Mercer do.

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