Is there any hope Funi may license the home rights to Bungo Stray Dogs?

  • I was really disappointed when Funi missed their opportunity to obtain the streaming rights to Bungo since most of the time that means that particular show is almost guaranteed a home release. But since they failed to acquire the streaming rights, is it possible they could still get the home rights? I don't want Sentai to get it because I am not fond of their releases when it comes to packaging and artwork. Bungo is a Bones show after all and it appears that the majority of Bones anime has been released by Funi on home video, so is there any hope for it?

  • There's always hope.
    But it's a Kadokawa property, so who can say.

  • Unlikely; I just checked Crunchyroll's announcement of their acquisition of the series and it says they had acquired streaming rights "worldwide except for Asia." That means that it's way more likely Crunchyroll will be getting the home video rights as well.

  • i think Crunchyroll would let FUNImation dub it and since it's made by Studio Bones it's likely to be dubbed by them .

  • I'd say the best possible outcome at this point as it seems like CR does have the full rights to it would be that should they dub it, CR decides to go through Sabat's Okratron 5000 studio to use the Texas based actor talent pool. Too early to judge yet but considering that's EXACTLY what they did with Free S1 it's a possibility.

  • Though also, who knows which talent pool CR will use if they dub and release it themselves. At moment no real reason to use Texas staff except cheaper labor.

  • I'd say give up on it and stop assuming Funi will get everything by Bones.

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