30 Days of Anime Challenge

  • So I recently did this little challenge on my social media go-tos on Twitter and Tumblr (I know of the community, I just enjoy the gifs and the word counts) and I wanna see if I can get any of all of you to do the exact same thing. A 30 Days of Anime challenge!

    Basically, starting from July 2-July 31st, you must post a little something about the particular theme of that day's events. You don't have to participate every single day, but at the very least try your best to coordinate it around that day's theme when you post. Now I would love to see and hear all of your responses and thoughts on each event, so I hope you all do your best to give this one a shot!

    TODAY = DAY 30: Your Favorite Anime

    Day 1-29 (COMPLETE)

  • DAY 1: Anime You Want To Watch

    Accel World.

    Heard a lot of interesting comments about this series overall, especially that many feel it is the much superior of Reki Kawahara's light novel series, and it's always been on my radar, but I never got to check it out. Always been on my go-to and I really should get around to it someday.

  • Not sure I've seen enough anime to answer all questions but I'll do what I can.

    DAY 1: Anime You Want To Watch: Planetes

  • DAY 1: Anime You Want To Watch

    Fate/zero. Probably the biggest show I can think of that I haven't actually watched

  • The current season of JoJo's is my first entry into the franchise, so I might consider watching the previous seasons at a later date.

  • This is really cool, seems like a lot of fun too. Count me in.

    DAY 1: Anime You Want To Watch

    This is a hard one for me since there are a lot of shows that I want to watch. Haha That being said, in particular, I'm interested in seeing Monster. It is out of print and really hard to find. On top of that, it is supposed to be a dark, psychological horror Anime that is very good. Luckily, Spaceman Hardy recently told me about the Australian import version that has the entire 70 episodes with English dub. So hopefully I'll be getting to check that one out soon.

  • DAY 1: Anime You Want To Watch

    Blue Exorcist

    I've been meaning to watch this since I found the blooper reel for it a while ago. Now that the dub is up, I can watch it.

  • Day 1

    Probably Kill la Kill if I could get past the art style.

  • DAY 1

    Hunter X Hunter

    I've heard nothing but good things about this show, but seeing as I sadly don't have cable, I can't watch it on Toonami.

    True, I could watch the sub, but now that the dub is being made, I might as well just wait until the home release.

  • DAY 2: Anime You're Ashamed You Enjoy


    Monster Musume

    I have no real justification for this one. It"s clearly a fanservice harem comedy, a genre I typically despise, but for whatever reason I picked this one up out of true morbid curiosity that turned into ironic enjoyment, which transformed into unironic I actually kind of like this stupid show.

    It"s fanservice and harem, but it"s a really cute show that"s kind of outrageous in its premise. I like the main character more than most harem protags, and for all the archetypes and bouncy boobies this show has, the comedy is above par for me and I do enjoy these characters quite a bit. I realized watching this that I hate generic harem/fanservice stuff that has literally nothing else to it and is the same as anything else. If it does something interesting or at least establishes some reason why the things that happen happen, then I may be more interested, which this one does. It"s a guilty pleasure show which is a really niche and somewhat weird level of entry but I must admit I enjoyed quite a bit.

    Also it"s really cute and the gifs are gold, and the Slime Girl Suu is the cutest and the bestest.

  • DAY 2: Anime You're Ashamed You Enjoy

    Cross Ange. I'm legitimately annoyed at how good it gets once it manages to move away from the awful pandering scenes attempting to pass as erotica. It ends up getting a pretty interesting story as well as a remarkable villain in Embryo. It just makes the start of the series (the cavity search, the bullying, etc) that much more ridiculous

  • I wouldn't say there are any anime that I am "ashamed" that I actually liked. However, if you mean an anime that you initially didn't expect much but ended up enjoying because you got more out of it, I would probably say the first harem anime that I watched fits the bill; that would be High School DxD.

  • Day 2

    My gateway anime… High School DxD. Not so much ashamed, but more like completely didn't expect to like it. It is definitely one that I wouldn't necessarily tell people I liked, unless asked.

  • @darthrutsula:

    Probably Kill la Kill if I could get past the art style.

    I finished it last week and I really liked it, to me the art style was really nice while being quite unusual at the same time.

    DAY 2: Anime You're Ashamed You Enjoy
    I don't feel really ashamed of any anime I've seen and liked, but I guess Heaven's Lost Property would be the closer to it since it's mostly about boobs and pantsu.

  • DAY 2: Anime You're Ashamed You Enjoy

    Highschool DxD would be mine too.


    It is definitely one that I wouldn't necessarily tell people I liked, unless asked.

    Same here. I do however enjoy shouting "BOOOOOOOOOOOST" whenever I'm doing something around the house that requires a little extra effort. oOo

  • DAY 2

    Apocalypse Zero.

    This is an absolute abortion of a show. There's literally nothing good about it. And yet, it holds a special place near and dear to my heart.

    Not because I enjoy it, no. But because when I show it to others, I get the most sadistic feeling of glee from watching them all squirm uncomfortably while sitting through it. ~_^

  • This post is deleted!

  • (late Day 1: K Seven Stories duh)

    Day 2 - Tenkai Knights.

    This is a Kids Show. It is such a complete and total 100% Kids Show. So why did I like it?
    A… They're adorable. Look at that widdle squishy moe wuffle! I just want to cuddle them!

    B... From left to right: Todd Haberkorn, Yuri Lowenthal, Johnny Yong Bosch, Ben Diskin, Bryce Papenbrook. Bonus in that the one in black is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in English and Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese - so he's both Shinra and Celty.

    But yes... this is a kids show. There's nothing in the story worth watching, really.

    For the record, I'm not ashamed that I enjoyed High School DxD... the first ten-or-so episodes, anyway. I need to finish that.

    Edit:... The one one the right, Chooki (yes, that's his name) is my least favorite because he's sort of bland, but I just realized how much he looks like one of my favorite characters from a show a lot of people think I should be ashamed to like, but I'm totally not, which is Valvrave.

    Whenever I hear Mamoru Miyano in anything, it makes me miss this guy :(

  • (Dang, late to the party, but for Day 1 I would have chosen Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad)

    Day 2 - Tonagura!

    Oh gosh, I watched this show very early on in my anime watching and it's a typical perverted comedy of a guy surrounded by pretty girls who wind up in compromising situations, complete with a punching tsundere. It's all so, so bad. And yet I really enjoyed it, for who knows what reason.

  • DAY 2: Anime You're Ashamed You Enjoy

    This is a tough one. I am not really ashamed to say I enjoy any of my highly rated shows. I guess one that I really like that is harder to explain to non-anime people would be Ouran High School Host Club. When I started watching anime, just the title would have turned me off, but after watching even the first episode, it was not what I expected. I suppose there are some shows I would not admit to watching depending on who I am talking to. But in the right crowd, I would not be ashamed to admit to liking what I do.

  • DAY 3: Most Underrated Anime



    To me, Barakamon was easily one of 2014′s best animes that no one talked about. Everyone was hyping up big titles like Akame ga Kill, Terror in Resonance, or Tokyo Ghoul, but this was what I felt was easily one of the best of the Summer 2014 if not the best.

    It"s a funny show, and a cute show, but to me it"s also a show that speaks to me. Handa is an artist, specifically a calligrapher who is told that his work is mediocre and has lost the drive and passion that he once had, and in order to regain that passion or inspiration moves down to the country. He meets friends and companions along the way, especially the adorable and hilarious Naru, who interesting enough in the Sub was played by an ACTUAL child and not just a female seiyuu.

    The scenes in which Handa struggles and suffers over his art is played for laughs but it never really mocks him for his struggles, as to me this show tells me that the struggle is very real and it is hard to keep that passion going. It"s a beatuiful, funny, and heartwarming series that I don"t see get enough praise that it does, and I feel it absolutely deserves all of it. Finally coming out on DVD/BD in August, so go do yourself a favor and check that out if you haven"t already!

    …....otherwise I might have to throw things at you.

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