• Handa-kun, an upcoming anime airing on Funimation this Summer 2016 Simulcast season, is based on a Barakamon spin-off manga that began serialization in SQUARE ENIX Monthly Shonen Gangan in 2014. The comedy, slice of life series is written and illustrated by Satsuki Yoshino and currently has 3 volumes released in Japan. This is a great way to start if you are new to the Barakamon series.

    His every day is filled with a comedy of errors.
    Everybody can't help but follow the misadventures of Handa-kun!

    Handsome teenage calligrapher Sei Handa is worshipped by all his classmates as an aloof superstar… too bad Sei's inherent negativity makes him believe that everyone actually hates him…?! A youthful comedy of misunderstanding and melancholy unfolds in the first volume of this hilarious prequel to Barakamon! that is set 6 years prior to the original series.

    PV 1:

    Yoshitaka Koyama ("Noramimi" series, "Kero Kero Chime") is directing the anime at Diomedia Studios, and Michiko Yokote ("Prison School", "Shirobako" as Series Composition) is acting as series supervisor. Mayuko Matsumoto ("KanColle", "Gingitsune") is designing the characters. Kengo Kawazoe ("Diabolik Lovers", "Vampire Knight Guilty") is serving as the sound director. The opening song "LiBERTY" is performed by Fo'xTails and the ending song HIDE-AND-SEEK” is performed by Kenichi Suzumura.

    The official website also released character profiles for the main cast:

    Sei Handa

    2nd year in high school. Occupation: Japanese calligraphy artist.
    He has a super-negative train of thought, and believes that others' acknowledgement of his talent as them "hating" him.

    Junichi Aizawa

    2nd year in high school.
    An honor student who is fixated on becoming the graduating class representative.

    Reo Nikaido

    2nd year in high school.
    A popular readers' model who thinks he is popular among girls.

    Akane Tsutsui

    2nd year in high school.
    With his scary face and muscular build, he often has fights with delinquents.

    Yukio Kondo

    2nd year in high school.
    Absolutely ordinary for a high school student, he is the only one with common sense.

    Takao Kawafuji

    2nd year in high school.
    Has known Handa from middle school, and is his only close friend. Highly sociable.

    You can also preorder the Barakamon bluray. Barakamon will be released on 8/9/2016.
    Funimation Shop: (http://shop.funimation.com/The-Complete-Series_146)

    Handa-kun premieres on Funimation on July 7.

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