Uta No Prince sama (Utapri

  • I know this is probably not the best place to suggest this. But I think you guys should look into dubbing the anime Uta no prince sama or utapri(for short) because there are alot of fans here in America who love that anime. I use to be on a handful of facebook pages that were dedicated to that anime and many many people were real big fans. Seriously-
    I am also a fan of that anime.
    It's just. Suggestion but I'm telling u there are alot of fans who would love to see it dubbed. Thank u for reading this.

  • Anyone else out there wanna see utapri dubbed? :D

  • Funimation don't have the license to Uta no Prince-sama. Sentai Filmworks do. And Sentai have elected to put it out sub-only.

    Also, the Suggestion Box forum is meant as a place for users to recommend ways to improve the forums and website in general, not for them to post what series they want licensed or dubbed.

    This topic will now be closed. I apologize for the confusion. :hmm:

  • This post is deleted!

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