2016 MEN of MANLINESS - Round 1: Group 56

  • Daryun - The Heroic Legend of Arslan
    Gene Starwind - Outlaw Star
    Kyohei Kadota - Durarara!!
    Makarov Dreyar - Fairy Tail

    Don't forget to post your extra vote!

  • Man, this is a veritable "Group of Death" here.

    Poll vote goes to Daryun, extra vote goes to Kyohei Kadota.

  • Both votes go whole-heartedly to my man Daryun!

    He has loyalty, charisma, a good heart, mad skills and just is an overall fantastic guy!

  • Double votes to Kadota.

  • Posted vote goes to Makarov.

  • Not gonna lie… This group... LITERALLY hurts me...

    Because Kyohei is awesome, but Gene is one of my childhood idols. And Makarov is pretty much the ultimate "cool dad."

    But.... I gotta be honest here...

    Classyspartan, Jamstar..... You know what to do...



    You'd be hard pressed to find a man more loyal than he. And for that, he gets both of my votes.

  • Both votes to Daryun.

  • Double votes to Kadota.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    Not gonna lie… This group... LITERALLY hurts me...

    My thoughts exactly. Of all the Fairy Tail guys in this competition, I think Makarov is the most deserving of the Manly title. This is a man who constantly puts his life on the line to defend guild members, and anyone in need as though they were his own flesh and blood. He offers up a home to those who have hit rock bottom, fights for what's right while never taking things too far (..cough Natsu cough, cough), and even still holds out hope for those who have severely disappointed him in the past. "Cool dad" is an understatement. This isn't just about guild loyalty to him, it's about offering everyone a safe place to call home. You would be hard pressed to find a better "man" to look up to.

    Post to Makarov Dreyar - Fairy Tail.

  • Jesus Christ, and this is still Round 1.

    But you know what, everyone's repping all their reps pretty good, but I gotta rep another one of my own.

    Kyohei Kadota's one of the coolest dudes in Durarara, and while still a teenager easily stands out among the pantheon of manly characters in Durarara!! His sense of justice, heroism, and wisdom and willingness to help others in need is unparalled, and he always looks out for his friends, two crazy otakus and one really testy wheel driver and treats them like family. He is considered to be a shining member in the Dollar, and is tough enough to take on full gang wars on his own in order to keep the peace, go toe-to-toe in insane fist fights with equally skilled fighters, and above all, is just one badass.

    So yeah. Tough crew of nominees, but to me I gotta stand by my personal favorite dude in all of Durarara!!

  • Fate must hate me, 2 of the people I'm "cheering on" are in this group; while in other groups I don't recognize a single character. TT_TT. After looking at the screen for about legit 10mins I've come to the decision to give both my votes to Daryun.

  • double vote to Makarov

  • Poll vote: Daryun - The Heroic Legend of Arslan

    Posted vote: Makarov Dreyar - Fairy Tail

  • Both votes to Dotachin

  • Posted vote goes to Makarov

  • Daryun for poll
    Kyohei for post

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