2016 MEN of MANLINESS - Round 1: Group 51

  • Arsene Lupin III - Lupin the III
    Koichi Hirose - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
    Klaus von Reinherz - Blood Blockade Battlefront
    Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho

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  • Doubling up on Klaus

  • There are oh so many reasons why you should vote for Klaus.

    There's his gentlemanly demeanor. His friendly disposition. His polite conduct. His dapper and elegant sense of style.

    There's also his fearlessless. His bravery. His self-sacrificing attitude. His sheer brute strength and technique.

    He has fought in cage matches against enemies much larger than himself, defeated armies of well-armed soldiers with a single blow, and even managed to defeat nearly invincible elder breed vampires with but an utterance of their name.

    But no. The single MANLIEST of all of Klaus' moments has to be in episode 3: The Prosfair game.

    In this episode, Klaus has to play a chess game for a whopping 99 hours. Do any of you know how long that really is? That's 4 full days and then some. That means he has to stay up for 4 days with no food, water, or sleep while staying alert enough to keep playing the game at his full ability.

    And this is no ordinary chess. This is Prosfair, an alien/demon variation of the game, where the better you are at it, the more complicated it gets. So complicated, in fact, that it starts affecting you both mentally and physically, sapping your strength, life force, and sanity all at once. And his opponent is an immortal creature from the alterworld who has had literal aeons to perfect the game.

    Klaus' goal is not to win the game; oh no, trying to checkmate his opponent would result in his loss and impending death. His struggle is to hold out for the full 99 hours without losing OR winning, as that would result in a draw and be the only way to save his own life.

    And why does he do this? Why does he agree to play this deadly game for this insanely long period of time?

    To save the life of a single man. A man who, shortly beforehand, asked to have Klaus killed. Klaus is so ultimately selfless that he'd risk his own life to save the life of a man that would be his enemy.

    Now THAT… is MANLY.

    Look at this man:

    Take a good, long look at him.

    He is manlier than you or I will EVER be.

  • Poll vote goes to Koichi Hirose, extra vote goes to Klaus von Reinherz.

  • Posted vote goes to Klaus von Reinherz

  • Poll vote to Yusuke

    Post vote to Klaus

  • Both votes to Klaus.

  • Post to Klaus von Reinherz - Blood Blockade Battlefront.

  • Oh. Wow. This is the first matchup of this tournament that kind of sucks, in that i like all of these characters and hoped each of them would get past the first round. Oh well. At least i know who i'm voting for. Poll vote goes to Klaus, posted vote goes to Lupin.

  • You know what? Klaus is gonna be just fine. But you know what?

    I got to double down and represent Koichi.

    Because Koichi is the unsung hero for Part 4. He starts off as a shy, scared little kid basically. Unprovoked, timid, like an animal with a tail between its legs.

    The easiest way to imagine Koichi…........is if he's Gohan from DBZ. He starts off scared, whiny, and afraid. But when his back's against the wall, someone pushes him to the edge, and his powers come through his true colors show.

    Koichi is a competent and tough hero who wants to protect his family, friends and towns from massive dangers, enemy stands and crazy Yandere chicks with really, REALLY long hair. He's a real tough contender in terms of smarts, growth and potential, and overall importance to his part in the story that he earns the admiration of his peers, and of Jotaro Kujo himself.

    Double vote goes to Koichi.

  • Easy choice for me, Klaus.

  • Man. I really should've just double voted for Lupin. Klaus clearly doesn't need any help.

  • voting Klaus

  • Poll vote: Klaus von Reinherz - Blood Blockade Battlefront

    Posted vote: Koichi Hirose - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

  • Double Votes to Klaus

  • Votes go to Yusuke.

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