2016 MEN of MANLINESS - Round 1: Group 48

  • Deishuu Kaiki - Monogatari
    Tenya Iida - My Hero Academia
    Nyanta - Log Horizon
    Tomoya Okazaki - Clannad

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  • Poll vote goes to Tenya Iida, extra vote goes to Nyanta.

  • Double votes to Tomoya

  • Double vote to the swashbuckling catman chef with a voice that'll peel your panties faster than some cheap wine on prom night. ~_^

  • Double votes to Tomoya.

    Tomoya is what I would consider to be more of a "real life" manly guy. He doesn't have any fancy powers or unrealistic bulging muscles, but he does have a lot of heart, passion and does all that he can to help other people even at his own expense. Even though he doesn't appear to be that way at first with his delinquency and sarcastic personality, he has a heart of gold under that bravado and it's proven time and time again.

    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iZHaVDGJ44

    When he finds someone needing help, he helps them. No matter how big or small the problem. Sure, he may complain about it, but he always does what he can.

    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=telLL2nfsWc

    His own personal demons cause him to be at war with himself, conflicted feelings over his past, his alcoholic father and the loss of a dream, but he still remains a good person.

    One of the things I like most about him is how true to his emotions he is. He feels so much, and he doesn't try to bury it all away. When he goes through something terrible or he feels a lot of empathy, he cries. When he loves a girl, he mans up and tells her. When he feels an injustice has been done, he acts and doesn't dither waiting for someone else to.

    And yes, he does have a period of time where he hits a bump in the road (And what an enormous bump that is), but I don't think anyone can blame him for how he reacts to it and he eventually manages to overcome some pretty rough stuff and become what I consider to be the best kind of manly.

    (Massive spoilers here, but I dare anyone who has seen this show to not cry at this scene)

    ! Despite losing his wife, the love of his life, and falling in to a crippling depression for a number of years, he forces himself to overcome it and become a good dad to Ushio.
    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5ous5RkLqA

    Despite being technically a "harem lead", he stays 100% committed to the person he chooses, overcomes many obstacles and is such a good, caring person through it all.

  • Both of my votes go Nyanta. Iida's great, but i'm not sure if i'd call him manly just yet. I haven't gotten around to Kaiki's big arc in Monogatari. And Tomoya's just kind of a douche. But even if it wasn't for all that, how am i not going to give a double vote to a swashbuckling cat with the mind and heart of a bonafide renaissance man?

  • @eastunder:

    And Tomoya's just kind of a douche.


    Nah, I can see how someone would think so but I am going to have to disagree with you.

    Honestly, even though he does some things that are questionable, it's all in harmless fun and he never does anything that would truly harm someone (Other then the Sunohara/Tomoyo pranks but lets be serious, Sunohara brings that on himself a lot too).

    Would someone considered a "douche" really

    ! - Spend a lot of time, sweat and tears to rebuild a garden for a girl who is grieving her dead parents, when really there was nothing in it for him?
    ! - Go out of his way to carve wooden starfish, distribute them and put such effort in to making people remember Fuuko and make her sisters wedding special?
    ! - Go through all that time recruiting people for the drama club and helping Nagisa boost her confidence
    ! -After getting over the depression of his dead wife, proving to be such a good dad
    ! - Finding the strength in himself to forgive his father

    (Not that my opinion matters, but I'm sure you can tell that I'm the one who nominated him and feel I need to defend his honor ;) )

    But yeah, there are times he can be a jerk. But more often he's not.

  • Know what? I was probably gonna double up on Nyanta there, but honestly emdier, you reminded me what I actually really loved about Clannad and Tomoya too. And honestly, a lot of the development and growing up he had to do in After Story really helped him to me as a character. So yeah, I respect you in reminding me why I really loved Clannad.

    So for that, My Poll vote goes to Tomoya Okazaki, while my Extra Vote goes to the Swashbuckling Furry Gentile Nyanta.

  • voting Tenya Iida

  • Tenya has my votes

  • Poll vote to Nyanta

    Extra to Iida.

  • @emdier:

    Would someone considered a "douche" really

    Before i explain why i think Tomoya Okazaki is a douche, let me just say that i don't want it to seem like i'm criticizing that you like him. I just want to explain my own feelings towards him so that it doesn't seem like i just threw a random insult his way for no other reason than to just do it.

    It's a bit less about his personality (though that was a also a grating/douchy part of him) and more about the kind of character the show presents him as. And that is, a guy who goes around saving girls who the series presents as incapable of saving themselves in order for the writers to justify having all of them fall for him, despite every other aspect of his character showing him to be a deadbeat kid with no future who deals with his boredom by mocking everyone. Not that that last part's surprising though, because there are literally no consequences to his character flaws. It's understandable that a story would want to explain why a character with negative aspects has those aspects to begin with in order to make them sympathetic. It's another thing entirely for a show to use tragic circumstances as a reason for why a character should never be openly criticized by any other characters or the story as a whole.

    ! He's a delinquent with a disrespectful personality.
    "Oh but he's just like that because he can't play basketball anymore because his father injured him. It's not his fault."
    He refuses to take responsibility for his life and grow up.
    "Oh but he was always the grown-up he needed to be. He just needed someone to come into his life and make him happy so that he could get over his past. It's not his fault."
    And, of course, the big one.
    He abandons his daughter to be taken care of by her grandparents and spends the next five years being a deadbeat dad/asshole while everyone around him puts up with him because they feel that they need to be sensitive towards his needs despite the fact that they're just as grief-stricken from losing their loved one, and he only starts acting like a father again after being tricked into a convoluted scheme.
    "Oh but he was going through grief and depression of losing his wife and everyone just wanted to be as nice to him as he was to them in the past so, once again, it's not his fault."
    And i will not budge on that last one! There's no way for me to understand the pain of losing the woman i love while she gave birth to a child that i would now have to raise alone. But that doesn't give you an excuse to act however you want without being held accountable! And the idea that everyone will put up with it because you were kind to them in the past is terrible because kindness isn't some kind of life equivalent to a get out of jail free card. Hell, there are shows like My Love Story or Parks and Recreation which are all about some of the kindest characters out there being kind and doing nice things for each other, and those shows still criticize it's own characters and hold them accountable for their flaws and mistakes because that is an essential part of having your characters grow as people, something that Clannad just doesn't understand.

    I hope that clarifies why, as far as i'm concerned, Tomoya Okazaki is a giant douche.

  • Double to Nyanta.

    Tomoya is probably less deserving than Iida. They're both kids, but I'd take Iida's leadership skills over Tomoya's ironic following-in-his-no-good-father's footsteps.

    And I don't even know what con-artist Kaiki is doing here in the first place :hmm:

  • Double Votes to Tenya Iida

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