2016 MEN of MANLINESS - Round 1: Group 37

  • Nicolas Brown - Gangsta.
    Korosensei - Assassination Classroom
    Leomon - Digimon
    Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler

    Don't forget to post your extra vote!

  • Poll vote goes to Koro-sensei, extra vote goes to Nicolas Brown.

  • Sorry I gotta do this to you Anthony, but I have to say it:

    Sebastian is NOT manly.

    True, he may come across as a suave, debonair gentleman, but in reality that is nothing more than a facade.

    Remember that he is actually a demon from hell whose ultimate goal is to devour the soul of a small child.

    While he claims fealty to Ciel and vows to always protect him, you have to wonder: Is he really doing it out of loyalty? Or is he doing it simply to protect his meal?

    In instances when Sebastian shows his true colors to his enemies, he has been shown to be quite vicious, sadistic, and cruel.

    ! And let's not forget… the guy fucked a nun. No really. He FUCKED A NUN, just so that he could make her soul impure. True, he did it with what could be considered a good reason, but still. O.o

    For me, I'm giving my poll vote to Korosensei and my post to Nicolas. Both of them may have done horrible things in their past lives, but they've both redeemed themselves in big ways.

  • Sebastian is cool and classy, I like him, but manly he is not.

    Poll vote to Korosensei, extra to Leomon.

  • Both of my votes go to Leomon

  • Both votes to Leomon. Sebastian is one of my overall favorite characters, but yeah, the whole demon thing…

  • Korosensei seems to have this well in hand, otherwise he would have my extra vote.

    I'm doubling down on Nick because he is the shit, and full well deserves to make it past this round.

  • Poll vote and Posted vote: Nicolas Brown - Gangsta

    Edit: Koro Sensei doesn't need my help this round. lol

  • Korosensei has more than proven himself as a manly, inspiring, and influential shaper of young assassin minds, and for all that he goes to for his students to help them learn, grow and adapt to the world shows just how much hear the Octopus really has.

    Double vote goes to the Unkillable Sensei Himself.

  • This was such an easy choice it made blinking seem hard. Sebastian < 3

  • double vote Korosensei

  • Double vote to Korosensei! As much as I like the characters in this group, it's gotta be him.

  • Poll has to go to Koro-Sensei. The best ex-assassin turned tentacle monster there was.
    Post will go to Nicolas.

  • Extra Vote to Koro-Sensei, not like he needs it!

  • Both votes to Nicolas

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