Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Does anybody know of a way I can watch Neon Genesis Evangelion before dropping $69.99-$149.99 on the dvds? I've been unable to locate episodes posted online. I'd hate to spend that kind of money and end up not liking the series.

  • I am pretty sure Neon Genesis Evangelion is out of print, so there is no way to watch it unless you buy the DVDs. If you want to do what I did, you could just get the new movies instead.

  • The TV series is currently out of print and unavailable for streaming. The first Rebuild movie, while also not available for streaming, is fairly inexpensive and should help indicate if the rest of the franchise is something you'd be interested in. That first film isn't too different from the early episodes of the TV series even though the second and third films do become increasingly different.

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