Dubbletalk Episodes Not Current

  • It would be nice if Funimation could keep the DubbleTalk episodes on YouTube at least somewhat current. Currently, the videos for the last two weeks are not up yet. The DubbleTalk page on funimation.com says to "catch up on episodes you missed" on YouTube, but that is not possible to do if the videos are not posted in a timely manner. Ideally, the videos would be posted within a couple of days of the live stream on Twitch , but they should at least be posted by the next Monday to give viewers a chance to catch up before the next live stream on Wednesday.

    It would also be nice if the DubbleTalk segment videos for each anime were posted as extras in that anime's video list on the website so they could be watched by viewers after watching each episode.

  • only missing 1 ep, since there wasn't a dubbletalk on the 15th. usually the eps go up on fridays, but with the spring ending and the summer about to begin, a short delay is to be expected

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