I want to know peoples thoughts on this ?

  • I want peoples opinion on people who only watch mainstream anime and I am not talking about stuff like bleach, one piece, fairy tail, or Naruto. I have encountered many people who have said they watch anime and in a fashion where they try to seem hardcore. These are the people who obsess on these four shows: soul eater, attack on Titan, black butler, and SAO and when I go to ask or comment on other shows that are out there and really popular they don't know what I am talking about.

  • well they are mainstream for a reason no?

  • Those series are often considered gateway series, as they are recent and incredibly popular, though I would replace Black Butler with OPM. If they just don't know about it, then it depends on the person. If they love those anime but refuse to watch any others, they are being ignorant. Otherwise, they're probably just new and need some getting into; just be patient with them.

  • Nothing in particular. It's up to the individual what they watch and at what pace. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

  • I have a problem with it from a different angle - people who aren't really hardcore anime fans would never know that there are anime that exist that are nothing like those popular shonen shows, because that's all people every talk about. Or if they do talk about other, better things, it's buried under tons of One Punch Man and Naruto.
    There needs to be a way to get shows like Joker Game and Moribito to people who would never watch shonen things. Or even things that aren't that different, like shojo things. There are audiences for these things that never find them because they're behind a wall, and that wall says that everything behind it is basically just Shonen Jump stuff, so if you don't like Jump, go away.

    Also, the people who post a bunch of pictures on Pinterest that just say "anime girl" or whatever, and don't seem to realize it's a character from a show. Uhhh… okay.

  • @Kruszer:

    Nothing in particular. It's up to the individual what they watch and at what pace. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

    Agreed. Even if someone has only watched and liked a few shows, I figure its preferable than if they dismissed anime completely.

  • Fiammetta explains, "because that's all people talk about…."

    It definitely seems that way (at least when I visit Barnes & Noble). If you're not talking One Piece, Naruto, or Fairy Tale, you are automatically disqualified from the "cool club".

    People might know Rumiko Takahashi for Inuyasha, however, how many in that aforementioned "club" would know her for Maison Ikkoku as well as Urusei Yatsura (probably one of the benchmarks of comedic development) - - I would venture to say not many.

    I have watched action anime, some Naruto, and probably the first episode of Fairy Tale, however, more and more, I seem to gravitate towards slice of life such like No-Rin. If that's not "in", what can I say? Oh well, guess I'm not one of the cool kids (laughs) :-D

  • variety is the spice of life, and just like spicy food there's just folks out there who aren't as discerning as we are and i myself am rather fine about it

    hey, as long as it doesn't become an "us-versus-them" kind of thing like in some other fandoms, i'm cool even if all the anime most people know about is the just last 5 or so minutes of akira… up to them whether they go out of their comfort zones and try out new stuff or not

  • Akiko explains,

    "as long as it doesn't become an 'us-versus-them'…."

    Funny! :-) Pink Floyd anyone? Seriously though, it does seem to be going that way.... Also, I'll add SAO to that "cool club" list. I don't know.... I just can't seem to get into these overly violent ones and ones with multiple story arcs like Fruit of Grisaia or Higurashi When They Cry etc. - - good grief. :-/

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