Season 2 Questions

  • High School DxD NEW

    (July 7 - September 22, 2013; 12 episodes)


    Issei Hyodo: Yuki Kaji/Scott Freeman
    Rias Gremory: Yoko Hikasa/Jamie Marchi
    Asia Argento: Azumi Asakura/Chloe Daniels
    Akeno Himejima: Shizuka Ito/Teri Rogers
    Koneko Toujou: Ayana Taketatsu/Jād Saxton
    Yuto Kiba: Kenji Nojima/Sean O'Connor
    Xenovia Quarta: Risa Taneda/Ramona Newel
    Irina Shido: Maaya Uchida/Kristi Kang
    Gasper Bloody: Ayane Sakura/Alison Viktorin
    Azazel: Rikiya Koyama/Phil Parsons
    Ddraig: Fumihiko Tachiki/Christopher R. Sabat
    Vali Lucifer: Ryota Osaka/Austin Tindle
    Albion: Ryota Takeuchi/Mark Fickert
    Sir Zechs Lucifer: Junichi Suwabe/Alex Organ
    Michael: Yoshimasa Hosoya/Aaron Roberts
    Kokabiel: Hiroki Yasumoto/Charles Clegg
    Cattleya Leviathan: Harumi Sakurai/Martha Harms


    What did you think of NEW's premise?
    What did you think of the Opening Themes?
    What did you think of the Ending Themes?
    What did you think of Rias living together with Issei and Asia?
    What did you think of Xenovia and Irina?
    What did you think of new villains Kokabiel and Valper?
    What did you think of Azazel, Vali, and Albion?
    What did you think of the Holy Swords, the return of Freed, and Kiba"s backstory?
    What did you think of Xenovia and Irina"s intentions to recover the stolen Excaliburs from Kokabiel?
    What did you think of Issei and Kiba challenging Xenovia and Irina to a duel, and the Durandal?
    What did you think of Issei, Yuuto and Koneko allying with Irina and Xenovia to retrieve the Holy Swords?
    What do you think of the deaths of Freed and Valper?
    What did you think of the reveal that Akeno"s father is Baraqiel, the reveal that God died in the Great War, and Kokabiel"s plan to start another great war between the three factions?
    What did you think of Vali defeating Kokabiel, and Kokabiel being sealed?
    What did you think of Xenovia being excommunicated from the Catholic Church, Xenovia becoming a devil and befriending Asia, and Xenovia joining the Occult Research Club?
    What did you think of the reveal that Azazel is the Governor of the Fallen Angels, Xenovia"s attempts to seduce Issei, and the return of Sir Zechs?
    What did you think of Serafall, Lord Gremory, and Michael?
    What did you think of Gasper Bloody?
    What did you think of Issei learning that Akeno is a Fallen Angel and a Devil?
    What did you think of the summit between the Fallen Angels, Angels and Devils, and the reveal that Azazel is responsible for causing Issei"s death?
    What did you think of new villain Cattleya, and the Chaos Brigade?
    What did you think of the season finale?
    What did you think of the unreleased OVA (episode 13)?
    What did you think of the additional scenes from the Blu-ray and DVD versions of NEW?
    Do you have any regrets on what NEW DIDN"T do?
    Final thoughts on the season? Would you recommend it to anyone? Why or why not?


    Continuing from where the last season left off, High School DxD NEW adapts volumes 3 and 4 of the light novel series. TNK brought back Tetsuya Yanagisawa and Takao Yoshioka to write the series, and also had a few notable additions to the cast and staff, most notably Ryota Osaka as Vali, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Michael, Ayane Sakura as Gasper, Maaya Uchida as Irina, Risa Taneda as Xenovia and veteran actor Rikiya Koyama as Azazel. Ryosuke Nakanishi was also brought back to compose the score.

    The Occult Research Club learns that Kokabiel, a Fallen Angel, has stolen the seven Excalibur swords. Thus, the angel Michael sent Irina Shido and Xenovia Quarta, exorcists of the Catholic Church who are proficient with swords, to help retrieve them. Issei also befriends a new client by the name of Azazel, who is revealed to be the Governor-General of the Fallen Angels. Also, Kiba reveals that he was one of the subjects for the Church's testing for Excalibur. However, Xenovia and Irina are forced to join with the ORC to help retrieve the Excalibur swords. They also encounter Vali Lucifer, who quickly becomes Issei's rival.

    Later on, a summit between the Three Factions (Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils) is held to form an alliance between the factions. Gasper Bloody, a vampire and a Devil who can control time, is soon released and the Chaos Brigade, an alliance of former members of the Old Satan Faction, launches an assault on Kuoh Academy. The ORC helps Azazel, Michael and Sir Zechs fight off the Chaos Brigade and organize an alliance between the factions in the season finale.


    As with the first season discussion, I think it's time to start hosting another monthly, seasonal discussion on the series to celebrate the beginning of the final story arc of High School DxD. A new month means a new season. This time around, it will the second season, appropriately titled "High School DxD NEW".

    Throughout the month, I'll post questions to the fans to get their input on various topics regarding the particular seasons. Please feel free to share your favorite episodes and moments, as well as your personal critiques about this season. As always, let's keep seasonal discussions on-topic.

    So, it's time for the first question of NEW:

    What did you think of NEW's premise?

  • Once everyone is introduced and the premise is made clear, the second season takes the series to a whole new level. The closing moments of the last episode from season one…the arrival of Rias in the Hyodo household (more specifically, Issei's bed...) foreshadows the future (harem?) drama of Rias and Asia fighting/sharing Issei while all the other females in the ORC slowly develop and realize emerging feelings for him. The growth of Issei's harem is also marked by the growth of the ORC's female members feelings for Issei.

    To be fair, Issei not only saves the ladies, but is a good friend to Kiba and works towards the common good (establishing peace) among devils, angels, and fallen angels. Characters like Vali and other enemies provide us with a good amount of combat and further evolution of Issei's Sacred Gear. The animation, voice acting and overall quality of the shows still continues to be top-notch in my opinion.

    If I had to pick one thing that wasn't all that great in my opinion...Gaspar. A freshman, half-vampire transvestite whose primary use would seem to be able to stop that Issei can peek and grope the time-stopped female baddies. Almost like a throwaway character. Developing Irina, for example, could have been a better use of screen time. Then again, Rias had to have another bishop to complete her household and Irina is firmly in the angel camp and not going to be a devil any time soon.

    Favorite moments include Sir Zechs/Lord Gremmory/Rias family sleep over at the Hyodo home in "Open House Begins!" and the Vali-Issei fight at the end of episode 24...and the whole female contingent of ORC having to move in with Issei. The season ends with it looking more and more like Issei has assembled his own harem....

    Season 2: 10/10

  • It was alright. I thought the first season was better. with the deck of cards and chess peices. But the song was good

  • What did you think of Rias living together with Issei and Asia?

  • Season 2 was my favorite, it will probably always be my favorite season. I liked the Holy Sword Stuff, the Khaos Brigade, the Peace Treaty, it introduced my favorite girl Xenovia, also the loli dragon goddess Ophis. Also the first opening of the season is my favorite opening song.

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