Part 22 - Cover Request

  • Hello, FUNI. I'm not sure if you'll even see this or not, but i would LOVE if you guys used the Japanese Volume 9 cover for your Part 22 release, whenever that comes.
    For those who aren't aware of what i'm talking about, FUNi uses the original Japanese dvd covers for their dvd/bd releases here in the US, but the thing is; they can't use all of the jp covers for the US release. In japan, the eps are released 4 per volume, here in the US, its 13 eps per volume. They usually end up taking the first cover i every 3 jp volumes, so that would leave Part 22 with using the japanese volume 7 cover, Zeref.
    Though i think having Zeref on a dvd cover would be cool, i would highly prefer if you guys used the Volume 9 cover, Juvia. I just love Juvia so dearly and i think the cover is super cute and deserves to be on the cover here in the states.
    No matter what you guys choose, i'll be happy, but i'd be 26852x happier if the Juvia cover was used ;) .

    Again, i'm not sure if anyone official will see this, i think Tyler might bc i know he sometimes checks the forum, so i hope he'll maybe work some magic and get my bby on the cover.
    Thank you guys so much for all the work you do on this show, fantastic job!

    edit: heres the Japanese Juvia cover -

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