Should be able to read the latest manga chapters of our favorite series

  • I love funimation and most of its show and i would love if we were able to read the manga of the show we love easily without having to buy a whole book off Amazon or read chapters off random sites crunchyroll has manga on its site, I'm not saying that funimation should be like crunchyroll but i and probably many more people would love to be able to read their favorite manga

  • For the record, FUNimation only handles the Anime licensees of products. They generally have 0 Intellectual Property Interest/Control over anything else. Could they perhaps, "ink" information for convenience; or otherwise get such access? Possibly, but that would be a cost-added service they would have to monetarily justify, in either case…

  • So do you think it's possible that funimation would be able to get manga

  • There's probably some they could get but a lot they couldn't. For example Shueisha (mainly Shounen Jump such as One Piece, Assassination Classroom, My Hero Academia, etc) and Shogakukan (Things like Case Closed, Inyuyasha, Dagashi Kashi) own Viz Media meaning Funimation probably won't get any of their stuff (if you're looking for some Jump stuff VIZ has a smaller version of Jump with stuff like One Piece, MHA, Food Wars, World Trigger, etc ).

    Kodansha has Kodansha USA (Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Negima) and they have some simulpubs on Crunchyroll and Comixology.
    Yen Press has exclusivity with any Kadokawa manga/LNs (Sword Art Online, Shakugan No Shana, Asterirsk War) as well as seemingly, Square Enix (Akame ga Kill!, Dimension W, Barakamon)

    That's just off the top of my head but basically, unless one of those companies decided to host stuff on Funimation what they could get is quite limited.

  • ohh thanks :D

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