DBZ Gohan

  • They need too expand on DBZ more in my opinion make Gohan the main Character make him go SSJ1 and SSJ2 in mystic form to show him become stronger after mystic and also show him as a ss3 before mystic training . Also would like to see a after different version of GT where he goes SS4. Also would Like to See how he as a Mystic SSJ GOD would do agianst bills if gokus about 70% im sure Gohan would be 90% to maybe stronger.!!

  • I also think they should have him do special training with King Kai and Bills and Whis!

  • I'd rather see less of Gohan. He was ridiculously powerful-maybe the MOST powerful-and yet he did nothing with the power, slacked off between battles and always had to have his buds cover for him while he whipped himself back into shape whenever a fight started.

    I wish that Vegeta and, especially, Piccolo hadn't been marginalized as the series went on. Piccolo went from being a badass to being Krillin-level wimpy once everyone started going Super Saiyan and he couldn't because, well, he's a slug-man instead of a monkey-man; suddenly Special Beam Cannon wasn't so special.

  • Vegeta needs to beat a main villain if they bring Dragon Ball back.

  • Having gone through the whole show, I was kind of bummed how quickly Gohan got pushed to the sidelines in the Buu saga. After Goku died, there was a much heavier emphasis on Gohan and I thought that was a very fresh direction for the series to move forward, especially with the seven year time jump. It even seemed like they were building up to him being the hero that will save the day with his training in the Kiaoshin realm. Then he just gets absorbed by Buu and it's all up to Goku all over again just like in the previous sagas where Goku for whatever reason is incapacitated (traveling Snake Way, traveling through space, recovering in Freeza's ship, the heart virus, ect) but then makes it on time to fight the big bad. Not that I didn't enjoy the stuff with him and Vegeta teaming up, but it was just too bad the show shifted right back just when I was really digging it with Gohan as the main protagonist.

  • If I remember correctly, the original plan was for Gohan to be the main character in the manga after the Cell Games saga, but there was so much backlash over the fact that Gohan was not Goku that the manga artist eventually brought him back (after unsuccessfully trying to appease the crowd by adding a reincarnation of Goku in Goten)

  • That makes a lot of sense, and that's too bad. I can understand why Toriyama wanted to go in that direction as he felt he was done with it already by Cell, but being pressured into continuing the manga made him look for new avenues to explore and keep things fresh. It's just a shame it wasn't appreciated at the time.

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