Why are only 2 dubbed ep. (469 & 470) being released (June 14, 2016)?

  • I'm just curious as to why there's been 2 episode releases lately? Don't get me wrong, I'm just as excited for 2 episodes as I am for 10, I'm just wondering why? Is it kind of a teaser before the rest are released? Also, I may be jumping the gun, since the last set of dubbed episodes were just recently released, but any news on the next set? I am SO into the whole Ace rescue/assassination story and am really excited to see the conclusion (although I got a little trigger happy and read a few spoilers, so I roughly know the tragic end) I am still so excited to see how it all plays out. Thank you for any info :) Like I said, I'm just super impatient for new dubs, and I enjoy watching while lying down, so I end up falling asleep to the subbed episodes and not knowing whats going on while I'm dosing off (since I do not speak nor understand a lick of Japanese). Also, thank you for any info on the whole 2 episode release subject as well :) Have a wonderful night and happy binging! <3

  • The two episodes before the release is I think a way of boosting DVD sales while still providing something for their streaming subscribers. The next batch is coming out July 26th.

  • If you ask me I think funimations idea of releasing two episodes six weeks prior to the release date is a load of bull! Although i must admit funimation and staff have did an incredible job at dubbing One Piece.

  • Welp they put the episodes up on time tonight. Keep up the good work Funi

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