Will be the third season of tokyo ghoul?

  • I just watched the second season of tokyo ghoul, and apesas to search the information I thought about whether there will be a third season contradict, so I wonder why you are really there or not? thanks for listening.

  • nothing so far

  • Your second months are an alternative to the events on the manga. Ken Kaneki, who survived within the battle with Yamori, enters the Aogiri Organization. Kaneki explains it by the fact that he needs to know more about ghouls and become stronger to protect those who are close to him, even though this is seen as quite a controversial action. CCG investigators don"t leave him alone, therefore the struggle continues, more and more violent. If you are out of patience, you can punch on a punching bag stand to release yourself.
    Such certainly is the plot within the second season in this popular series. The doubts on the half-man half-monster, Ken Kaneki, who was a ghoul against his will, attract the eye of a huge number of viewers. How to assume your brand new entity? How to cope with the monster inside? Methods to justify and love fellow-sufferers - ghouls? It turns out that these questions are of great interest to many people.

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