3rd Annual MANLIEST Anime MEN of MANLINESS Nominations

  • It's that time of year again!! Now that the ladies' tournament is over and done, it's once again time for the men to take the spotlight.

    That's right!! It's time for the 3rd annual

    MANLIEST Anime MEN of MANLINESS Tournament!!!

    Last year, 256 MEN entered, but in the end it all came down to "The Flame Alchemist" Roy Mustang vs. "Wild Tiger" Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. When the flames died down and the smoke cleared, Col. Mustang was crowned the undisputed champion!

    And this year, we're doing it all over again!! 256 MEN will enter, but only one will reign supreme as the MANLIEST anime character of all time!!! (or at least 2016)

    After taking your suggestions and considerations into mind from previous year's tournaments, the rules for nominations are as follows:

    1a. You may nominate 15 characters, only ONE per series. A grand total of only 5 characters from any given series will be selected for the final roster.
    1b. NEW RULE: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the one exception to the rule. As the series is split up into four distinct story arcs, I'll allow a grand total of 8 characters from the entire series, 2 characters from each arc being the maximum. Members of the Joestar family (Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro, and Josuke) are given preferential treatment and are therefore automatically nominated. The other 4 slots are open to 1 non-Joestar character from each arc. Furthermore, forum users are only allowed to nominate ONE character from the entire series, so choose wisely.
    2. Characters MUST be from an anime (that was animated in Japan, just to be clear). They can be anime based on manga and video games, but they HAVE to be from the show itself. No manga/game-only characters allowed.
    3. Characters must (obviously) be male. Robots and animals are allowed, provided they are both sentient and obviously masculine. Not to be sexist or unfair to the ladies, but they have their own tournament already.
    4. It doesn't have to be a main character, but it must be one that is at least somewhat important to the plot of the show. No one-episode roles, cameos, or blink-and-you'll-miss-it types. (Sorry Jack Rakan, but you're still not allowed :P)
    5. Cruelty is NOT MANLY. No douchebags, jerkwads, axe-murderers, puppy-kickers, puppy-BURNERS, or overall evil sons-a-bitches allowed. Villains and anti-heroes are okay, as long as they are at least noble in their cause and have a good code of ethics. Kind-hearted jerks and irritating but well-meaning big brother types are okay too.
    6. Only MANLY MEN need apply. No sissy pretty boys, beautiful bishonen types, or overly moody, whiny, angsty teenagers. (That means YOU, Shinji!!!) Teens who show signs of blossoming manliness and/or especially noble traits and sensibilities are allowed. Characters who start out whiny and pathetic but gradually become more manly over the course of the show are also acceptable (depending on the character in question, of course).
    7. No Kirito. Seriously. Because f**k that guy. -_-

    You can find a full compiled list from last year's tournament here: http://www.funimation.com/forum/showthread.php?7411-2nd-Annual-MANLIEST-Anime-MEN-of-MANLINESS-Tournament-Discussion-Thread&p=57812&viewfull=1#post57812

    Depending on how many submissions and nominations we get, I may borrow many of them for this year's tournament as well (the reason being that I already have a lot of their artwork completed, so it's much easier on me).

    A few notes I should add:

    • The previous years' champions Kenshiro and Mustang will NOT be returning to the tournament.

    • The following two characters were accidentally omitted from last year's tournament due to a clerical error on my part, and will therefore automatically be nominated:

    Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z
    Nyanta - Log Horizon

    • As mentioned earlier, due to the new JJBA rule, Joestars are automatically nominated:

    Jonathan Joestar - Phantom Blood
    Joseph Joestar - Battle Tendency
    Jotaro Kujo - Stardust Crusaders
    Josuke Higashikata - Diamond Is Unbreakable

    • The following characters all made it to Round 4 of the previous year's tournament, and therefore have earned an automatic nomination:

    Batou - Ghost in the Shell
    Daisuke Jigen - Lupin the III
    Dandy - Space Dandy
    Dark Schneider - Bastard!!
    Dr. Kenzo Tenma - Monster
    Dutch - Black Lagoon
    Erwin Smith - Attack on Titan
    Gintoki Sakata - Gintama
    Guts - Berserk
    Jet Black - Cowboy Bebop
    Joseph - Maria the Virgin Witch
    Kamina - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Kanji Tatsumi - Persona 4: The Animation
    Klaus von Reinherz - Blood Blockade Battlefront
    Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/Wild Tiger - Tiger & Bunny
    Kraft Lawrence - Spice & Wolf
    Kuranosuke Koibuchi - Princess Jellyfish
    Leomon - Digimon
    Nicholas D. Wolfwood - Trigun
    November 11 - Darker Than Black
    Pip Bernadotte - Hellsing
    Rider/Iskander - Fate/Zero
    Roger Smith - The Big O
    Shinya Kogami - Psycho-Pass
    Simon - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Simon Brezhnev - Durarara!!
    Sven Volfied - Black Cat
    Tomomi Masaoka - Psycho-Pass
    Wolfgang Grimmer - Monster

    Nominations will stay open for at least one week, or until an adequate number of candidates has been reached. Any other suggestions or recommendations are of course welcome as well.

    Thanks a lot, and I'll see YOU at the Third Annual MANLIEST Anime MEN of MANLINESS Tournament!!! ^_^

  • Oh, and while I'm at it, here are my own personal nominations:

    1. All-Might - My Hero Academia
    2. Saitama - One Punch Man
    3. Nicholas Brown - Gangsta
    4. Korosensei - Assassination Classroom
    5. Yasutora Sado - Bleach
    6. Duke Togo - Golgo 13
    7. Ira Gamagoori - Kill la Kill
    8. Taichi Hiraga Keaton - Master Keaton
    9. Cobra - Space Adventure Cobra
    10. Captain Harlock - Space Pirate Captain Harlock
    11. Major Alex Louis Armstrong - Fullmetal Alchemist
    12. Mamoru Takamura - Hajime no Ippo
    13. Daryun - The Heroic Legend of Arslan
    14. Eikichi Onizuka - GTO

    And seeing as how I nominated Sephiroth and Tifa for the villains and heroines tournaments respectively, I see it only fitting that for my own, I shall nominate….

    15. Zack Fair - Final Fantasy VII: Last Order/Advent Children

    What? You honestly weren't expecting me to pick Cloud, were you? :P

  • Bulat - Akame ga Kill!
    Levi - Attack on Titan
    Firo Prochainezo - Baccano!
    Kenpachi Zaraki - Bleach
    Kyoma Mabuchi - Dimension W
    Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara!!
    Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail
    Viral - Gurren Lagann
    Koichi Hirose - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
    Orga Itsuka - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
    Katsuki Bakugo - My Hero Academia
    Shikamaru Nara - Naruto
    Roronoa Zoro - One Piece
    Genos - One Punch Man
    Rajendra - The Heroic Legend of Arslan

  • 1. Kuroh Yatogami - K
    2. Amuro Ray - Mobile Suit Gundam
    3. Maes Hughes - Fullmetal Alchemist
    4. Dante - Devil May Cry: The Animated Series
    5. Vash the Stampede - Trigun
    6. Eren Yeager Attack on Titan
    7. Elfman Strauss Fairy Tail
    8. Tadaomi Karasuma Assassination Classroom
    9. Jiraiya Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
    10. Saiki Viper"s Creed
    11. Quenser Barbotage Heavy Object
    12. Worick Arcangelo - Gangsta
    13. Akari Hizamaru - Terra Formars
    14. L - Death Note
    15. Noctis Lucis Caelum - Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

    Edit: I'm commuting from work right now so I will change any duplicates when I get home. Good thing I had that list all made up lol

    Edit: All right, good to go!

  • You might wanna edit that list, Nubguy. Many of your choices have already been nominated.

    Also Ladd Russo is a psychopathic murderer who kills because it's fun and shoots little boys in the face, which I'm pretty sure breaks the "Cruelty is not manly" rule.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    7. No Kirito. Seriously. Because f**k that guy.

    LoL, I think we finally figured out who Mr. Spaceman likes the most :)

    BTW, I will be sidelining for this tourney, not for reasons of /condescension of course; indeed "me pollieness has been spent" last round, for what should be self-evident reasons, it is so…

  • So just to clarify, is manly different from BA? Because I am realizing a lot of my favorite male characters out there can be considered bad a**, but maybe not manly…

    1. Killua - Hunter x Hunter
    2. Firo - Baccano!
    3. Kiba - Wolf's Rain
    4. Kenshin Himura - Rurouni Kenshin
    5. Hak - Akatsuki no Yona
    6. Kurogane - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
    7. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    8. Spike - Cowboy Bebop
    9. Shichika - Katanagatari
    10. Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho
    11. Lancer - Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
    12. Tomoya Okazaki - Clannad
    13. Nanashi - Sword of the Stranger
    14. Meliodas - Seven Deadly Sins
    15. Shinichi - Parasyte

  • 1 Jirou Mochizuki, - Black Blood Brothers
    2 Satoru Fujinuma - Erased
    3 Scar -Fullmetal Alchemist
    4 Sousuke Sagara - Full Metal Panic!
    5 Takashi Morinozuka - Ouran High School Host Club
    6 Issac Netero - HunterXHunter
    7 Tomoe - Kamisama Kiss
    8 Rokurouta Sakuragi - Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
    9 Romeo Candorebanto Montague - Romeo x Juliet
    10 Nine - Terror in Resonance
    11 Kyuta - The Boy and the Beast
    12 Decim - Death Parade
    13 Sinbad - Magi series
    14 Ikoma - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
    15 Tsume - Wolf's Rain

  • @emdier:

    So just to clarify, is manly different from BA?

    Kind of, yeah. Manliness is all about machismo, bravado, passion, doing things for a cause you believe is right…. That sort of thing.

    This is how I describe it in the intro post to the tournament discussion thread:


    Webster's defines the word "manly" as one of two things: (1.) 'having qualities generally associated with a man', and (2.) 'appropriate in character to a man.'

    Beyond the dictionary's description of the word, however, what does it really mean to be "manly"? Can such a phrase really even be summed up in mere words?

    In the minds of many, "MANLINESS", especially when it comes to anime characters, isn't really something that can truly be defined by definition. Sure, masculinity, machismo, vigor and whatnot are all important parts of it, but there's something MORE to it than that.

    It requires passion, nobility, purpose.

    It means standing up for a cause that you believe is right and just - even when it isn't.

    It means giving it all and fighting to the bitter end - even if it breaks the laws of physics.

    It's bulging muscles, scars, pompadours, giant eyebrows, and Go Nagai sideburns.

    It's epic speeches, dramatic hand gestures, and screaming at the top of your lungs.

    It's doing the impossible.

    Breaking the unbreakable.

    Row Row. Fight tha powah.

    In the end, a character is either MANLY… or they're not. Those who can tell the difference..... Just KNOW.

    So yeah, just because someone is "badass" doesn't necessarily mean they're "manly". The thing about my tournament in particular is that it's not really a popularity contest like the others are, but rather a test to see "who is most worthy". Granted, people will still nominate and vote for their favorite characters anyway, but my rules and regulations tend to be a bit more strict than the other tournaments.

  • Hm, it was easier to think of 15 nominations for the Heroines tournament. I'll come back to edit this post when I think of who I want to include.

    Here is my initial roster.

    Ren Kouen - Magi
    Charles Beams - Eureka 7
    Daikichi Kawachi - Bunny Drop
    Chikage Rokujo - Durarara x2
    Adam Blade - Needless
    Fakir - Princess Tutu
    Leorio Paradinight - Hunter x Hunter
    Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney
    Akihiko Sanada - Persona 3 The Movie(s)

    Will update.

    If Re:Zero was over, I'd nominate Wilhelm in a heartbeat, or even Reinhard, but seeing as how the latter hasn't done much, and the former won't even be introduced in the anime for a while, I'll have to wait for next year.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    You might wanna edit that list, Nubguy. Many of your choices have already been nominated.

    Also Ladd Russo is a psychopathic murderer who kills because it's fun and shoots little boys in the face, which I'm pretty sure breaks the "Cruelty is not manly" rule.

    Alright, so I updated my nominations with ones that I think are more acceptable. Let me know if there are still any on the list that shouldn't be. Thanks!

    Also, you've got a lot of strong nominations SPH. This is going to be an interesting competition indeed!

    1. Ban - Seven Deadly Sins
    2. Buccaneer - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    3. Kiyomasa Senji (Crow) - Deadman Wonderland
    4. Daikoku - Noragami
    5. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto Bleach
    6. Gildarts Clive - Fairy Tail
    7. Goku - Dragon Ball Z
    8. Gōzaburō Seto - My Bride is a Mermaid
    9. Guren Ichinose - Seraph of The End: Vampire Reign
    10. Hercules (Berserker) - Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
    11. Klein - Sword Art Online
    12. Kubard- The Heroic Legend of Arslan
    13. Professor Stein - Soul Eater
    14. Takashi Komuro - Highschool of the Dead
    15. Yoshimura - Tokyo Ghoul

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm going to do what i did with the heroines tournament and wait a little while to see how many of my other nominees get entered by other people first.

  • Renton Thurston - Eureka Seven (AO including)
    Sadao Maou - Devil is a part timer
    Issei Hyodo - High School DxD
    Shido Itsuka - Date a Live
    Arata Kasuga - Trinity Seven

    I had to put the three biggest contenders for "harem kings" here….

    Accelerator - Raildex

    I guess I should also try to include Itachi Uchiha from Naruto since he is the one interesting character from the entire series and, in my opinion, outshines many other characters from the series.

  • @darthrutsula:

    Accelerator - Raildex

    I dunno…. I know he gets better, but some of the things he did to the sisters were pretty unforgivable, if you ask me. :hmm:

  • Meme Oshino - Monogatari
    Hajime Saito - Rurouni Kenshin
    Randel Oland - Pumpkin Scissors
    Char Aznable - Mobile Suit Gundam
    Kurama - Yu Yu Hakusho
    Inuyasha - Inuyasha
    Archer - Fate/stay night: Unlimited Bladeworks
    Lancer/Diarmuid Ua Duibhne - Fate/Zero
    Luck Gandor - Baccano!
    Mizuki Akabayashi - Durarara!!x2 Shou
    Jin - Samurai Champloo
    Sig Curtis - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Haruhiro - Grimgar: Of Fantasy and Ash
    Akio Furukawa - Clannad
    Shotaro Kaneda - Akira

  • @7jaws7:

    Lawrence - Spice and Wolf

    He's already nominated, so feel free to change it to someone else. :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Heh, I didn't see Lawrence's name anywhere. Go figure you put him under Kraft :P

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    I dunno…. I know he gets better, but some of the things he did to the sisters were pretty unforgivable, if you ask me. :hmm:

    But he is reforming! He knows that what he did was wrong so he wants to set things right. He even contributed to saving the world from a space elevator from falling,

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