Low quality setting for apps

  • A video low quality setting for the apps would be nice. I don't need or want to watch videos in hd. It completely bogs down my low quality internet and I don't want to hog all the bandwidth in my house.

  • It already auto downshifts to a lower speed. However, it is possible your internet is "too slow for the slowest speed". The videos generally never go below 480p (Standard Progressive Definition), so if you are struggling there; obtaining faster internet speeds would be advisable therefore…

    Or, of course, they could simply fix the buffering. But they fail to do that for some reason, nevertheless...

  • Ahh, thx, yeah rural dsl sucks. The auto quality shift didn't cross my mind. It would still be nice to be able to just set manually the quality so I know the video isn't trying to get more bandwidth just because it is available. Just having to option to set it to 480p would be great. That way I know it has a constant bandwidth usage.

  • Yea, unfortunately USA is still "uncivilized" in some respects when it comes to Internet. I would suggest you only use the website player and not the app… as it appears to not be designed for low bandwidth environments. It assumes your Internet is fast enough to handle it.

  • Actually, the OP is correct. The apps still serve HD even though they are serving a lower bitrate. In the future, we will be adding a setting for users to cap the quality, so that the stream does no buffer. We will also serve SD, I believe, but I'd need to confirm.

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