Petition for Funimation to give Fairy Tail a weekly "Broadcast Dub"

  • Who's with me!?

    Plenty of other, less popular shows get weekly dubs. Why can't Fairy Tail have them too?

    I'm tired of waiting for months on end just to get 12 Episodes.

    They did weekly dubs with Zero, and it was amazing.

  • I'm sure Funimation would love to comply with this request, however, I doubt the licensing contract for such a popular franchise would allow that at this point.

    Also, petitions DON'T WORK.

  • Fairy Tail isn't even broadcasting in Japan right now, so it's impossible to have a broadcast dub,

    Also, Fairy Tail (not including Zero) has too large a cast for regular weekly dubs. It's a logistical nightmare to organize that many voice actors. Especially since many don't even live close to Funimation. Just be patient. The remaining episodes will be out sometime around Christmas.

  • This post is deleted!

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