DVD/Blu-ray Releases - Netoge and Heavy Object

  • Hey Funimation,

    I'm a huge fan/avid follower of what you folks do and the efforts you put forth to license, sub and dub anime.

    The question I have today is about the releases of Netoge and Heavy Object.

    I was wondering if you're going to be giving these two anime a home-video release. I'm one of those who prefers to have a hard copy of the anime they watch instead of strictly digital access.

  • Funimation recently revealed that if a show gets a broadcast dub, then it's about 99% guaranteed to get a home video release as well.

    And given that both of these shows got broadcast dubs, I'd say that the chances are very good that they'll get BD releases just as you asked for. :)

  • I want to see a 2nd season of Heavy Object, but I doubt that will happen.

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