Season 3

  • Why does the Schedule say that Season 3 is dubbed (ep. 1-12) but when you click on season 3 it is subtitle only?

  • they weren't able to get into the office until today due to the winter storm that wrecked Texas, so they have been playing catch up all day. so they just probably haven't been able to get to Ikki Tousen yet

  • Hmmm. Funi just released the cast for the newest Ikki Tousen dub. It looks as though it'll be another New Generation dub.

    Cherami seems to be the new protagonist, (which sounds weird to me) logical as she has moved to CA.

    I notice that Caitlin Glass is also in this, and has been absent from a few Funi dubs. Has she also moved to CA? I also see Jessica Calvello on there and I was hoping that she'd stick around Texas longer as she's been bolstering some Sentai dubs. I suppose the 2 of them could be out there on a non-permanent basis or "tele-dubbing" but I'm not feeling too optimistic right now.

    …who in their right mind moves to California, the "brokest" state in the union? :(

  • they might have recorded in New York with DuArt Film and Video since that is where part of the cast is

  • I heard that Carrie Savage had "emigrated" to NY a while ago (don't know if she's still there, that might be weird lol) but I was pretty sure that much of the other cast listed was still in CA. I can't say that I'm all that familiar with that NY dub studio you mention.

    The voice actors and industry people tell us that "tele-dubbing" is a thing but it doesn't seem to happen all that often, does it?

  • I have no idea how often that happens, probably not a lot since that requires a large investment in a lot of recording equipment and an appropriate recording room.

    Half the cast is in CA since Geneon went to New Generation to dub it, and the other half is in New York since Media Blasters went to Headline Sound Studios to dub season 2. so what likely happened was Jonathan Klein directed the CA half of the cast and someone else directed the NY half over at DuArt. Pokemon is dubbed over at DuArt. I have no idea where Caitlin Glass or Josh Grelle went to record their lines

  • @Getchman:

    they might have recorded in New York with DuArt Film and Video since that is where part of the cast is

    I have the DVD and in the commentary they said that is exactly what they did.

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