About your "FUNimation Now" app through iTunes…

  • I don't like how I have to Subscribe where instead I could BUY what you aren't selling through iTunes.
    For example "Negima", Class 2-A not 3-A, can't seem to find it through iTunes & such…

  • Thank you for the feedback. We try to make a lot of our anime available to purchase on iTunes. I'm not sure what you mean by Negima 2-A and 3-A, though. We only have the license to Negima!, which is the first series and to Negima!? Magister Negi Magi, which is the second series. If you are referring to the OVA series, we don't have the license to that, so you wouldn't find it on iTunes nor on any of the apps.

  • The First Series is about Class 2-A & the Second is where Class 2-A has become 3-A.
    OR If we went with the American Education layout, it would be Grade 8, homeroom teacher Negi & then Grade 9, same homeroom teacher.

  • Oh, I see what you are saying. The second series is on iTunes, but the first series isn't.

    If you'd like the first series to be added, please contact us at www.funimation.com/support. There may be a reason why it's not there, though, such as us not having EST rights. EST covers services like iTunes and Xbox Live.

  • Thanks, but it was an Example.
    By using the App, I could make Digital Download Purchases without searching through iTunes which then would make Recomendations that are not FUNimation's…

  • Oh. I apologize for my confusion. You're asking for the app to not be open to only subscribers and for it to offer EST, so that you can download shows that aren't available on iTunes. I will mention this to the higher-ups.

    I Bow so deep that I put my head between my legs & then rest my chin on, and maybe between, my Gluteus Maximus.

  • No problem. ^_^ Thank you for you patience.

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