**Do NOT Ask For Future Seasons of Anime**

  • **The following opinions expressed herein are my own and do not represent the views or opinions of FUNimation or its affiliates in any way. I am not an employee of FUNimation, of any of its affiliates, or of this website. I am also not a moderator, admin, or even anyone special relating to www.funimation.com.

    I am simply another fan, just like you, with an opinion to share.**


    So you just finished watching Spice & Wolf, Seikirei, Rosario+Vampire, Cat Planet Cuties, etc., and you still want more where that came from, eh? Want another season of your favorite show so you could enjoy the characters & storyline that much more?

    Some of you might assume that the proper course of action would be to ask FUNimation about it.

    In reality, though, this is not the case.

    Before you post on the FUNimation forums with your requests for a second or third season of your favorite show, please take the following into consideration:

    1. FUNimation does not make anime. I will say that again: FUNIMATION DOES NOT MAKE ANIME. Anime is made in Japan by a number of different animation and production companies. FUNimation is an American company located in Texas. Other than creating English subtitles, directing an English dub, and designing box art, FUNimation has absolutely NOTHING to do with the creation, writing, direction, animation, or production of any anime series whatsoever. They only license what's available from Japan. If it doesn't exist in Japan, then FUNimation cannot localize it. While this should be common knowledge by now, many would be surprised by how many people still think that FUNi actually makes all their shows themselves.

    2. FUNimation cannot influence the Japanese to make another season of an existing anime. No matter how popular the title in question is here in the States, the creation of a second season depends not on American sales, but almost entirely on Japanese sales. These shows are, after all, originally intended for a Japanese audience. If the show is a hit in Japan, then a second season is all the more likely, even if it doesn't do well over here. If the show bombs in Japan, even if it's extremely popular in the West, then there's little to no chance another season will ever see the light of day. Animation studios make the majority of their money from Japanese DVD and bluray sales, which is why they tend to be much more expensive over there than they are over here. A typical 13 episode show will run you well over $300. Compared to that, U.S. sales are pocket change. The studios have to go with what sells over in Japan. If the people aren't buying, they're going to drop it and move on to the next project.

    There have been a few times in the past where U.S. sales influenced the production of a sequel season, such as in the case of The Big O and IGPX. But those were directly co-funded by Cartoon Network, and let's face it: FUNimation doesn't exactly have Cartoon Network money.

    3. Petitions for anime don't work, have never worked, and more than likely will never work. Anime costs millions of dollars and requires hundreds of man hours worth of labor to create, so a handful of signatures on a measly piece of paper alone is not going to get you a second season. Like mentioned above, Japan is only interested in Japanese sales. It doesn't matter if you get 10,000 signatures or not; they make significantly more money from Japanese DVD/BD sales than from North American sales. If it's not popular in Japan, then they could care less about how well it does in the U.S.

    4. If you do not know if a second or third season is in the works or not, please do some research first before asking about it. Some excellent sites to check out for the latest anime news are Anime News Network, Crunchyroll, and The Fandom Post, and of course, there's always Google. If you can't find out any news or info on a new season of a certain show, then it simply doesn't exist. Unless an official announcement is made by the studio or production company themselves, then any and all discussion about a future season is nothing more than conjecture and holds no truth to it.

    5. Above all else, please remember that no one is entitled to another season of their favorite show. Anime, just like TV, movies, video games, books, and all other forms of media, is "entertainment". Entertainment, by extension, is a luxury. It is not food, water, clothing, or shelter. You do not need it to survive. If the companies responsible for your favorite show decide not to produce another season, then that's sadly something you're just going to have to deal with. Japan doesn't owe you another season of your favorite show, and FUNimation doesn't always owe you a license of said show if it does end up being made. Sure, it always sucks when the story is cut off right in the middle before you get to see how it ends, but trust me, it's not the end of the world. If your favorite show gets canceled, it's okay to feel upset, but please don't rant & rage and hold a grudge. Instead, pick up a different show. Or read the manga. There are so many different and wonderful series out there in the world of anime that you're guaranteed to find something else that you'll like.

    So before you ask "Will we ever get season 3 of _______?", odds are the answer is, "Probably not."

    tl;dr version: If you want to finish the story, just go read the manga.

  • Yeah, but why do you have to be so mean about it? Personally I understood Funimation only dealt with licensing and dubbing material from the sacred Japanese Islands. Although I did learn a lot from your post, especially about how how much anime costs to watch over there. I had presumed beforehand that most network TV stations would play anime at certain times/days, and then maybe like a dozen or so cable/satellite channels playing it 24/7 with anime/managa news shows and what not. But to hear $300 USD for a 12 episode series is just… wow. It puts the otaku in a brand new light for me. However, if I were to read your post as someone new to anime who doesn't have any friends who are into the genre (and there are lots of those types), who just come across the channel by accident, or downloaded a few episode of something that one of their friends said would blow their minds, etc... Then come here to learn more and instead get made to feel like outcasted, feeble-minded weaklings for not spending the time trying to figure out where they can find readily available information to answer a relatively simple question that could be answered by one person in a sentence or two.

    Yes of course a sticky with this information would be nice for people, granted they actually paid attention to the sticky and spent the time reading it first. Links to ANN might be nice also, because to be honest even I have trouble trying to find out if a certain anime series is being continued in Japan or not, let alone if funimation has acquired the rights to dub it for foreign release. Not everyone is familiar with forum communities and subculture. You can try to google "blood-c season 2" as I have just done, and after reading the wiki article, some Yahoo answers, and the ANN page for it, still have no clue if there is a 2nd series in the works. Sure I'm probably just not looking in the right place, or perhaps missed something critical for not being clued up enough on anime memes and slang to get a full picture, but after a good 20-30 mins generally I start to think "hey I bet someone out there who loved the series as much as I did and is clued up about where/how to find this kind of information who's been on the scene for awhile probably knows right now happily discussing the series on a forum somewhere.". Maybe that's wrong of me, and I should spend a few more hours searching so I can hopefully learn for myself, but it just seems infinitely more easy for someone to reply saying sorry no 2nd season in the works, you can read more at <insert link="" here="">, and have the case solved and a new site to bookmark for future use....

    It's just plain mean and nasty to demean someone by telling them to go outside and play, and patronize them on the concepts of entertainment and luxury while making them feel like they're spoiled and useless parasites who lack any kind of common sense or decency for having the vulgar idea that maybe starting a petition (as naive as they are, and yes they annoy me too) might actually be doing funimation a favor (in error of course). They surely do not all mean to create these things because they are trying to cause harm or start chaos for the injustice of Cat Planet Cuties not getting a 2nd season.

    So yeah, all for a constructive sticky about this - but is this really the kind of image you want to portray to new fans who come to this site and may eventually become regulars who frequent the board and all contribute their opinions and make the community stronger? It just seems unnecessarily harsh, close-minded, and frankly snobby to go about it like this. Otherwise the post was indeed rather informative.</insert>

  • Well in in all honesty a lot of fans ( be it for anime, toons , video games, insert media/ franchise here). Kind of are spoiled useless parasites that lack common sense and/or decency. XD

    And yeah Space Man may be harsh, but you know what they say, sometimes yea gotta give em some tough love.

  • Even with tough love, as we still see….. Sometimes people just don't care and will still do it.

  • @Solvictis

    SpacemanHardy post is only as harsh as the person who is reading it takes it to be. While you do have a point about newcomers into the world of anime/manga lack of understanding about the industry being a problem that should be addressed with more etiquette, one mustn't forget that some older members probably have seen and addressed the same list of questions numerous times already. The question "Will/Can Funimation please make more seasons of [insert anime title here]?" has been brought up frequently in the last few months. There is already a whole section in the FAQ part of the forum that deals with these questions if anyone were to take a little time and explore the first set of links.

    Click FAQ –> Funimation General or Funimation Shows

    Link: http://www.funimation.com/forum/faq.php?faq=faq_fun_general

    Though, I would suggest changing the name "Funimation Shows" to something along the lines of "Funimation Shows Continuation Questions." This should definitely get all members attention should they actually check out this section of the website. I mean how can we get any more clearer than this?

    Another suggestion would be to make sure to spell out abbreviations for new members who might not be up-to-date with the terms just yet. This is mainly referring to Step 4 in SpacemanHardy post. "Check ANN articles" should be clarified to say "Check AnimeNewsNetwork articles." Also, it wouldn't hurt to add the link to the website as well. This is just to keep the post informative, though any member should just be able to type the phrase into a search engine and find the website with little problems.

    Link: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/

    The more we clarify in our posts that are a part of threads that are stickied, the less chance members can rightfully complain about not understanding something.

    Lastly, this is keeping with the whole idea of building a continuing growing knowledge base idea, but can we have a moderator create a new thread and have it stickied for the topic "All About Licensing."

    I already have posted the links to the ANN articles in a different thread located here: How to obtain anime rights?

    Since ANN broke down the article into 3 parts, I suggest that we dedicate 1 post for 1 part. Thus, it makes it easier for people to read.

  • Nicely done, SpacemanHardy.

    The harshness was really done in good taste, as it's simply meant to discourage people from asking. It also reminds me of ANN smashing the hopes of those trying to find out how their ideas can get turned into anime. Hopefully we won't have to create that thread either.

  • Hilarious thread

    I totally understand the rationale in ironically creating a thread for people that have already shown they would rather ask their question than do some research. They aren't going to read a thread that would encourage them not to do so, and the only people who will read this thread will be people that already know to look for information before posting about something

    I sincerely hope this was meant to be a parody and wasn't created as a serious thread

  • I can personally attest the op did not make this in parody.

  • @Riles:

    I totally understand the rationale in ironically creating a thread for people that have already shown they would rather ask their question than do some research. They aren't going to read a thread that would encourage them not to do so, and the only people who will read this thread will be people that already know to look for information before posting about something

    Unfortunately, I'd have to agree.

    However, in the hopes that this thread does prove useful I think that rewording some things to come across less harsh and providing links to news sites would be helpful.

  • While I am one who does understand that FUNimation is not the ones to make anime, I do have to agree with those who state that this post is rather harsh in tone. In fact, I find it rather offensive. Therefore, I am asking that the message be revised to a much more polite tone, or I am going to have to ask that it be deleted.

    There is no reason, whatsoever, to take this kind of tone in a message board. In fact, I would even go so far that it could possibly violate TOS due to its rather disrespectful tone.

  • Space Man is a user like any other, he has right to voice his opinion about things just as much as anyone else. And this is nothing compared to how truly horrid people can act be it here or forums in general.

  • It's one thing to voice an opinion. It's another thing entirely to support and promote such a post that ultimately reflects poorly on Funimation, as a company that agrees with the harsh language being promoted by representatives of the community

    As a moderator, you should know better

  • Spaceman isn't a moderator, he's a regular member of the forums,

    As for me, well if you have a problem with me sticking the thread, I was merely being nice and doing so after the op requested to have it Stickied.

    I do agree spaceman is harsh on some places and could better the post by providing links for new fans/members.

  • If the people believe that I was a bit too harsh, then I will edit it to make it more "user friendly".

    Not tonight, though. It is far too late.

  • What reflects well on reality but not on Funimation (or Sentai or NISA for that matter) is that North American anime disc sales really don't have much if any effect on whether or not a show will get picked up for another season. It still supports the show in a small way but not nearly as much as even one import disc sale. They're expensive for a reason, they directly help to fund the show and one disc volume generally costs as much as an entire season of anime on Funimation or Sentai, but not Aniplex America which generally has similar pricing to their native Aniplex releases in Japan.

    But even all the importers in North America probably don't amount to much so while I enjoy importing and like to support my shows I know that my one buy can't really influence it at all. I like to think there might be a day that "one more disc" might be the one that makes them say yes, we have seen enough purchases to warrant making a second season but of course it is a very complex business decision to make another season, or even the first season. Things are just not that simple.

    The main point of this thread is absolutely true. Funimation can only release what was going to be released anyway. Unless…. they can pony up enough cash to get on the production committee in Japan. That's the only way it could happen and I don't think any of the current north american licensing companies have that kind of cash. So the answer stands. All you can do is beg Funimation to get sequels of shows that we know are coming out, hope they license them.

    And most shows do NOT finish the manga or novels precisely because they help to promote currently publishing works. If the works are finished publishing then there may not be much of a reason to bother making anime for it unless they think it can sell well enough on its own or will sell enough to require reprints, will sell game spinoffs, hug pillows, oppai mousepads, what have you. So, it is very common to get either a non-ending or an anime-only ending. And as the first post indicates, that's just the way it is. Anime used to be funded by the toys, now it either has to be good enough to sell itself as an original anime, or has to do a good job promoting currently running books which are only rarely finished at the same time as the anime.

  • Forgive me if someone has already said something similar, but while Funimation themselves don't make the anime series, sometimes they do see how much fans want another season, and will try to get that through to the Japanese animation studios. For example, years ago, Laura Bailey and some other voice actors had Fruits Basket fans make so many thousands of paper cranes, in order to show much interest America had in a second season of the anime. Granted, it didn't work, because the Furuba anime is nothing compared to the manga, and the company had already decided that, but still. They tried. Sometimes letting them know we want something can result in them actually trying to get it. xD

  • @hpully. Well said!

  • I don't the post is too harsh. If anything with all the years I have been watching anime for years and I learned some new things from the post.

  • @kano, I don't believe they affect sales or decisions at all but western fan actions can get noticed. 4chan hosting the Log Horizon novel author on several occasions, Madoka staff noting that western fans figured out the witch naming rune scheme etc. We can try I suppose but it really is about whether or not it will make money IN JAPAN.

    I would like to see how many tickets Evangelly sells here, Wolf Children and Madoka too so we can see, sadly, how small a drop in the bucket it is compared to the runs of those movies in Japan.

  • @Soundmonkey44:

    Space Man is a user like any other, he has right to voice his opinion about things just as much as anyone else. And this is nothing compared to how truly horrid people can act be it here or forums in general.

    Not once have I ever said he wasn't entitled to his opinion. I just said he went about it in the wrong way.

    But in reading your reply, Soundmonkey, I am left wondering if perhaps you don't have the qualifications to be a moderator, since, in my opinion, this post as well as the previous one in which you yourself admit Space Man was harsh indicates that you may not understand what the purpose and role of a moderator is.

    While I could simply ask Sophie what the goal Funimation has in mind for their forums, I am going to go out on a limb here and hypothesize that their goal is to provide a fun, friendly environment in which people can come to discuss Anime (and other things, based upon the different forum categories). Space Man's post does the exact opposite. It is a completely unnecessarily mean and unfriendly sounding post. Yet instead of trying to be a part of the solution to the horrid behavior that people can exhibit in forums, you instead go the other way and sticky his post, thereby being a part of that problem by taking an action which only serves to endorse such behavior.

    Let me ask you what you think guests and other newcomers to the forum will think when they read such a post? Do you honestly think that they will want to stay? And although I don't get around as much as I might like given my busy life, I've been coming around Funimation's forums since before the last forum update, yet posts like Space Man's make me want to not come around.

    Instead of coming across like such a jerk, perhaps a much better thread would have been asking why not? Why shouldn't Funimation expand into actually producing Anime. Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko and Nickelodeon showed with Avatar: The Last Airbender that an American company can do it, if it's done right (which is really all you need to do in the first place, regardless of national origin).

    And while I won't say I know all the reasons why Japan doesn't give a good look at foreign markets when producing an anime (and who really knows how strongly it's considered, or not considered) perhaps they really should start thinking about it a little more strongly. Anime is, after all, globally popular. According to this article from the Japan Times http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2013/04/17/national/japans-population-falls-by-record-level/#.Uq6cc-LCT6M , the Japanese population is at 127.515 million, while the US population is at over 300 million. What's more, Japan's population is actually decreasing while the US population is increasing. (And another question for thought: What was the convention attendence last year here in the US as a percentage of the Japanese overall population?) In other words, Japan's market it shrinking, while the US's is increasing. How long can Japanese companies continue basing their decisions solely upon Japanese sales? Especially if such demographic trends continue.

    Of course, this is just a broad based statement. If I had the luxury of the time, I would start heavily researching whether a business model of Funimation producing anime and the even more complex task of determining if consideration of foreign markets would be a wise business decision. But alas, I do not have the previously mentioned luxury. But it could make for an excellent, and intelligent, discussion nonetheless.

    And let's not forget, too, that while it is rare, it is not unheard of for an anime to get a new season long after the initial run. Slayers got a new season, and Kenichi got some OVAs and if rumor is to be believed, a new season next year.

    Bottom lining it: Space Man went about it the wrong way, period. And Soundmonkey, you, in my opinion, failed in your role as a moderator in this situation.

  • Yo, sub hype! Let's go!

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