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  • I just noticed that the first 4 episodes of Lucky Star are up to watch as of at least 3 days ago (according to the Updated section on the PS3 app). I was just curious when more episode would be up and, if it's being done one at a time similar to simulcasts, then what day and time to check for them. I'd appreciate any info on the matter.

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  • 7/12/16 is when the BD/DVD set comes out, so likely the rest will be put up then.

  • LoL, if we had answers to such "life's most important questions"; we would have "solved" Global Warming by now.

    In either case, FUNimatin is sorta a "they get there when they get there" approach. Even if they provide dates; as evidenced by the "One Piece" situation earlier this week, it doesn't mean they will keep them. If there is some information as to such, I am certain if someone has more real answers they will provide below. Nevertheless, consider the release timetables "more like guidelines then actual rules", as it were….

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  • @Unicron - That makes sense. Thanks for the info.

    @thegrandalliance - I know what you mean, but I still thought it was worth a shot to ask and see what answer(s) I get. Thanks for the advice though.

  • A typical rule of thumb for how Funi streaming typically works is that they post the first few episodes early as a preview of sorts, and then once the full release is out, they release it all on their site for Subscribers to view.

    Going by this logic that the first 4 episodes came up on May 31st, until proven otherwise, expect the full Lucky Star series to be uploaded the day the re-released DVD/BD comes out: July 12th.

  • Gotcha. Thanks, classyspartan.

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