Baccano! Vol. 5: 2001 The Children of Bottle

  • Translated for the first time in English, the first light novel in the Baccano! novel series that inspired the hit anime show, is now available on Amazon.

    Baccano! - Vol. 1: The Rolling Bootlegs
    "New York, 1931. The manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law, but behind this prohibition, organized crime flourishes - so, too, do bank robbers, bootleggers, assassins, and homunculi. Some want money, some are chasing the secret to immortality, and others just want to have a really good time. You know what they say, though: You can't always get what you want." (

    You can also preorder the second novel in the series, which comes out in August, 2016.

    Baccano! - Vol. 2: 1931: The Grand Punk Railroad
    "The place: America. The year: 1931. The setting: the transcontinental express train known as the "Flying Pussyfoot." Aboard the train are a gang aiming to make some extra cash, a group of revolutionary terrorists trying to recapture their leader, and a pair of thieves looking to meet up with an old friend in New York City. But drunk on the excitement of their departure, none of them are prepared for what awaits them on the rails…" (

    These are nice, hardcover editions with great art. In the source article I used, the author reviews the book and how it compares to the anime, if you're interested. For me, this is really awesome. I am a huge fan of the anime series, and I think it would be a lot of fun to read the original source novels. It is especially awesome since they continue past the anime series! It looks like this is the beginning of a proper translation of the entire series, so I plan to get this one post haste. Baccano! fans rejoice!

    Source: (

  • Nice to see that these are finally becoming available to us, even though the anime was so wrongfully taken from us.


  • Yeah, it's pretty cool that they decided to translate them, especially since it is still an ongoing novel series. I think learning more about what happened after the show would be enough to hook anyone.

    Seriously though, I am still pretty sore about that one too. :/ It feels like an appropriate time to pull out this old image:

  • BTW, if anyone is interested in continuing on from the anime, the show only covers the first two books, There are currently 21 novels in total, with more being written. So, there is a lot of Baccano! to look forward to!

    I like the way they are releasing it, since it doesn't bog you down with too many books all at once. If you start now, you shouldn't have any problem keeping up with the release schedule. Also, for those of you who have never read a light novel, they have nice art in them as well. I am really excited to check this one out. Book 5 will be especially interesting to see how it starts to differ from the anime.

  • Baccano! - Vol 2: 1931: The Grand Punk Railroad: Local, comes out next month on August 30, 2016. Yen Press recently released the cover for vol 2, which you can see below. All of the currently released Baccano! books are available on, in hardcover and kindle editions.

    Baccano! - Vol. 2: 1931: The Grand Punk Railroad: Local

    The next two light novels are also available for preorder on

    Baccano! - Vol 3: 1931: The Grand Punk Railroad: Express

    Baccano! - Vol 4: 1932: Drug & The Dominos

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  • Baccano! Vol. 4: 1932 Drug & The Dominos, light novel, is out in stores now! Fans of the anime should really check this volume out as it is the first book in the series to go on past the anime, so this is a book exclusive story arc. These are really fun books, so check them out!

    alt text

    Baccano! Vol 4 at

  • Out in stores now, Baccano! Vol. 5: 2001 The Children of Bottle is the latest light novel release by Yen Press. Written by Ryohgo Narita, author of Durarara!!, and illustrated by Katsumi Enami, this book continues the story beyond the anime. It takes place in 2001, and is a wild story with both new and familiar characters. A new setting, a new adventure, and something brand new for the Baccano! series! Watched the anime? You can just jump in right from here! Or, you can go back and start from the beginning! (The anime covers books 1-3). These books are seriously awesome and so much fun! Do yourself a favor and check them out!

    alt text

    Places to buy:

    Barnes & Noble
    Books A Million

    Amazon Kindle
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    Google Play

    The immortal Elmer C. Albatross is a Smile Junkie who'll do whatever it takes for his happy ending--despite not knowing the first thing about happiness. Three hundred years after the passengers of the Advena Avis parted ways, four of them have finally tracked Elmer to a village in Northern Europe where the inhabitants seem to be stuck in their old ways, fearing the visitors as "demons." During their stay, the immortals encounter a strange girl, and their past catches up with them...

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