WWE 2K17 Goldberg Pre-order Trailer! Could this mean Goldeberg coming back to WWE?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIOBL-d8PJ4

    Whole Crap Goldberg look in really good shared still is he not like 47 years old now? Goldberg only wrestling in WWE for a Year from 2003 to early 2004 and left ones his contact ended… But heard me out me out 2 Years ago String did this same type Video Game Deal and it was just like this and then 4 months later String made his LONG AWAIT WWE DEBUT! Since he never wrestle WWE but only WCW... The different here is goldberg did wrestle for for WWE for a Year where Sting never did up to that point... but his Ad for the game at the same time so maybe in like this Nov. Goldberg will do the something String did 2 years ago... One thing to noices it is the Street Sign the Goldberg look that said "Suplex City" on it which that mean Brock Lesner as that his new catchphrase now... Could this mean WWE planning a rematch between seen we ALL know there WrestleMania XX match FREAKIN SUCK... Goldeberg left the next day and Brock Lesnar left the next day as well as both there contact ended with WWE which is why we got a crap of match between the 2 last time... Brock wanted to try out for NFL Football and Goldberg did not wanted to be with WWE anymore... But since Brock is back with WWE and Goldberg had said for the last few years he wanted to do one more match we could see Goldberg in one more match with someone... What you guys thing? For all the wrestling on this forum site...

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