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  • So I haven't had time to check my email at all, but I was going through my spam folder today and noticed an email from about 2 months ago. Apparently I won something awesome, but I didn't realize it until now :(

    I don't see an expiration date for claiming it anywhere, so…..Am I still able to claim the prize?
    Im guessing they are all out of the gift bags, but it would still be awesome if I could get the 12 months free.

    Original message:

    From: ****
    Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 10:37 AM
    To: ****
    Subject: You're the Winner of the Funimation Mobile App Sweepstakes!


    I bet you didn"t expect this, but it"s true, you won! You have been selected as the winner of our FunimationNow Mobile App Sweepstakes.

    Can you please provide your first and last name as well as your mailing address so we can send your Funimation Gift Bag? We"d like to make your Gift Bag special for you so please let us know some of your favorite Funimation shows and we will do our best to include a few items that match your interests.

    Also, can you confirm that your Funimation account is linked to this email address (****) so we can fulfill your Free 12-months of an All-AccessPass?

    Finally, we would like to announce you as a winner on Facebook and with your First name, Last initial and City/State. Do we have your permission to do so?

    Congratulations again! Let us know if you have any questions.

  • I would definitely send a ticket in to and let them know about this. Hopefully it hasn't expired. If it hasn't, then the tech team will do their best to make sure you get what they promised you.

  • …are we sure this is not a phishing scam email?...

  • I was thinking that at first too since it was in my spam folder, but it seems 100% real.

  • what is the @…...... email address? You don't need to post the first part of the email, but what is the second? List all emails on the email.

    For instance, post what the email accounts are, minus the "12345" part.

    If it is then it is likely real. I would suggest doing what Spaceman said and open up a ticket, in either case.

  • It was an "" email address, I opened up a "Other Issue" ticket on the support page. Thanks for the help SpacemanHardy and thegrandalliance!

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